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Woman mortified as chicken shop’s free sample turns out to be stranger’s order

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 25, 2022

Sophie Petzal was so eager to try the free samples outside a chicken restaurant that she put her hand inside the box without thinking – until she realized her mistake

The woman thought the box was full of free chicken samples (stock photo)

We’ve all endured our fair share of embarrassing moments, haven’t we?

Maybe you suffered a wardrobe malfunction or tripped and fell in front of a large group of people.

But have you ever accidentally stolen chicken from a stranger because you thought it was a free sample?

It’s the bizarre turn of events a woman on Twitter found herself in earlier this week when she visited a local chicken restaurant and was thrilled to see a person standing outside the door with a box of what it was supposed to be sample size pieces of meat to try before placing your order.

The box was actually a stranger’s dinner (stock photo)


Star Tribune via Getty Images)

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Sophie Petzal then put her hand in the box and reached for the chicken, only to realize it wasn’t free samples at all – it was just a stranger’s dinner.

Writing in a tweet about her @Sonic_Screwup account, she said: “The worst thing just happened. I won’t get over it. I just reached a box of free samples outside a chicken restaurant. Only it wasn’t Not free samples. It was a man. Holding a box of chicken. His chicken. I tried to steal that man’s chicken.

The woman said she immediately removed her hand from the box, but the damage had already been done as the man – who Sophie said spoke no English – simply stared at her in “horror”.

She added: “I walked away so quickly. ‘Oh sorry, I thought uh…’ very clearly he doesn’t speak English. He’s now just locked in that look of horror. That crazy thing tried to eat his chicken What if he had to throw away his chicken and was afraid it was contaminated?

“Under what other circumstances do I go ‘hands first, ask questions later’?”

And to make matters even more embarrassing for the poor woman, she admitted she didn’t even want to order from the chicken shop as she had already eaten – but saw what she thought was a free sample and the seized.

“There’s an allegory here about greed or something,” she wrote, “I didn’t need food. I had a burrito. And ice cream. But I saw this guy leaning against a display case and that possessive, animalistic right washed over me. I deserved a free sample.

People on Twitter were shocked by Sophie’s unfortunate incident, but many were also inspired to tell their own embarrassing stories.

One wrote: “At the supermarket, I unlocked my car from afar, then saw two old ladies about to open the trunk. auto.

“Same make, same model, same color. Mine was parked two cars away.”

While another said: “I once admired a beautiful coat on a mannequin in a shop. Like total admiration I stroked it, rubbed my face on it (don’t judge me, c was a very cozy coat!) only to realize that the coat wasn’t hanging on a dummy. It was hanging on a real girl! A real human being.

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