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Which season of American Horror Story has the most body count?

ByRandall B. Phelps

Aug 13, 2022

The horror anthology series american horror story had some truly horrific deaths throughout its 11-year run, but one season racked up the most bodies of them all. Under the direction of creator Ryan Murphy, american horror story distributed a variety of kills. Woodchipper deaths, magician’s saw, and ritual sacrifices all live up to this bizarre series. Although it may seem that every american horror story the season drips with its own share of death, there is one that manages to top them all.


Since 2011, american horror story featured various haunting stories told by a rotating cast of regulars and powerful guest stars. While the seasons seemed mostly self-contained at first, the characters began to weave their way through various episodes, revealing a complex plot of murder and horror. When it comes to american horror storydeadliest season, there are some serious finalists in the running. Roanoke and Worship both have more than 40 deaths each, with their fair share of true-crime serial killings. American Horror Story: monster show The body count of also crossed the 40 dead threshold – taking into account its serial killers as well as its heartbreaking finale, which killed much of the main cast in gruesome carnage.

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Ultimately, the season that wears the crown for the most bodies is american horror story season 10, Dual function. Divided into two parts — Crimson Tide and death valley – this alien season managed to kill at least 60 characters, including real-life historical figures like Neil Armstrong (Bryce Johnson), Dwight Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) and Richard Nixon (Craig Sheffer), as well as many background characters. plan. Series regulars have also met their demise throughout. Dual function, including Tuberculosis Karen (Sarah Paulson), Austin Sommers (Evan Peters) and Belle Noir (Frances Conroy). However Dual function is close to being the shortest season of american horror story at just 10 episodes, the bloodbath wasted no time. Whether Crimson Tide and death valley were to be counted as two separate entities, however, it would be american horror story season 9, 1984which holds the record for the highest number of deaths, with more than 50 deaths in nine episodes.

Why AHS Apocalypse Doesn’t Have The Most Body Count

While discussing american horror story body matters, season 8, apocalypse, cannot be ignored – after all, the season succeeded in wiping out the entire population of planet Earth, bringing its toll to seven billion lives. No other season of american horror story even approaches that number, which means he could technically be considered the winner. However, Mallory’s actions with the power of Tempus Infinituum altered history not only to revive those who were killed in the nuclear blasts, but also to resurrect characters who had died in American Horror Story’previous seasons, including Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), Misty Day (Lily Rabe) and Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts). With these resurrections in mind, American Horror Story: Apocalypse ends with nearly zero loss of life; combined with the fact that the population wipe happened mostly off-screen, the season looks like a dishonest winner of the record for most bodies.

As the series progresses, deaths in american horror story only grows and improves. Now that the series has been greenlit by season 13, fans can rest assured that even more bloody carnage and unfathomable horrors are on the way. While the theme for Season 11, which is slated for release in Fall 2022, has yet to be announced, several familiar faces have been confirmed to return. Regardless of the theme american horror story season 11 turns out to be, it’s possible Dual function may not hold the record for the number of corpses for long.