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UK weather: Temperatures are set to soar today after parts of the country experienced the coldest April night in decades

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 3, 2022

Temperatures will soar today after parts of Britain experienced their coldest April night in decades. Parts of the country saw temperatures drop over the weekend, with temperatures as low as minus 6 in some areas.

Despite the freezing night, temperatures are expected to recover quickly and climb to 10°C today (Sunday April 3). And the weather is expected to remain mixed over the coming week.

Forecasters said spring “peaks and troughs” will hit most of the country over the next few days with sunny spells and windy intervals expected in most areas. Sunshine and dry weather could warm most parts of the UK today, but rain is likely to affect Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge told the Mirror Online: “A wetter, windier day there and we could see some strong, possibly high, winds around Scotland. More choppy weather is expected to to hit most of Britain Monday to Wednesday, with rain and wind expected.

“That’s the difficulty with spring and its peaks and troughs,” Mr Partridge said. Sunny weather will be brief, with bands of rain and wind forecast for the coming week and the Easter weekend.

Regarding Thursday 7th April – Saturday 16th April, the Met Office said: “To end the week and through the weekend it will likely be cold in the north with wintry showers. Further south the Weather systems coming from the southwest will bring longer periods of rain and high winds.

“There is a chance of snow at times on the northern edge of the rain bands, mainly in central and northern regions. Widespread frosts are expected in the north, with some ice patches likely. In southern regions, temperatures will be closer to average, locally quite warm.

“Into the following week it is likely to remain choppy, but with the focus on the heaviest rains and strongest winds moving north and west of the UK allowing for drier interludes in the South East.” This month’s freezing weather comes after the UK had its sunniest March since 1929.

Northern Ireland enjoyed 90% above average sunshine for the month, with a total of 192.5 hours of sunshine. Scotland saw 64% more sunshine than usual, with a total of 160.1 hours, while England had its sunniest March with 168.1 hours and Wales its fifth brightest with 157.9 hours.

The Met Office five-day forecast for the South West

Today (Sunday):

A rather sunny morning after an icy start. Becoming a little cloudier in the afternoon with a chance of a shower or two. Mainly light winds but becoming windier later. Maximum temperature 11°C.

This evening:

Skies darken for the first part of the night as wet and windy weather spreads to most areas well into the early hours. Keep away from frost. Minimum temperature 4°C.


A cloudy, windy and wet day for many. Although the temperatures may be slightly higher than the past few days, it will not be felt in the wind and rain. Maximum temperature 13°C.

Outlook from Tuesday to Thursday:

Remaining mostly cloudy with strong winds and occasional rain, perhaps becoming persistent Thursday. Temperatures generally around average for the time of year, but colder on Thursday.