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UK weather: Parts of Britain will be ‘warmer than Barcelona’ as hot weather returns today

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 20, 2022

Parts of the UK will be set to rival the sunny island of Gibraltar over the next few days as the school holidays end with warmer temperatures than Barcelona. Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday (April 20-21) across the country could hit 17C while Barcelona are expected to reach just 14C.

Parts of the UK could even see the mercury soar to 19C, but be prepared as there could be light showers in April. Although it cooled slightly at the start of the week, forecasters expect the mercury to rise again on Wednesday and Thursday and the weekend to be fine as well.

Forecasters say the South West should be largely sunny and dry with the risk of occasional showers on Wednesday and Thursday. Both days will start out cloudy but temperatures are expected to rise as the day progresses and reach 17C around 4pm when the sun rises.

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Friday will be a cooler 13C but the weekend will see a return to warmer weather and temperatures of 17C to end the holiday. And if they’re right, you’ll need those jackets and coats to get back to work after the Easter holidays when the temperature drops again.

Over the Easter weekend, thermometers across the country hit 23C, making it the hottest temperature this year.

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor told the Mirror: “For those of you who have extended your Easter holidays this week, there is good weather news as there will be plenty of dry weather. Certainly there will be showers, especially in the next 24 hours and as the week progresses an increasing breeze will make the eastern regions a bit cooler.”

The Met Office five-day forecast for the South West

Today (Wednesday):

A fresh start with some clearings. There could be showers in Cornwall this afternoon, otherwise it will remain dry with hazy sunshine all day. Feel warm in light winds. Maximum temperature 18°C.

This evening:

Becoming a little cool this evening under partly cloudy skies. Stay dry with light winds and temperatures should stay above freezing. Minimum temperature 2°C.


After a cold start, it will be another warm day with lots of sunshine. The easterly winds will strengthen and feel a little less hot. Maximum temperature 17°C.

Outlook from Friday to Sunday:

More cloudy on Friday and the weekend. There may be a few light showers at times, mainly on the heights, but generally dry. Feel cooler in a brisk wind.