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UK snow forecast: Parts of Britain to see up to 13cm of snowfall as cold front hits

Temperatures could drop to as low as -3C in parts of the UK as the Met Office predicts snow could fall in parts of the country

Up to 13cm of snow is forecast for Monday in parts of the UK

Britain could see as much as 13cm of snow in parts tomorrow as winter showers are expected to hit Monday morning.

Scotland and parts of northern England could see snow on Monday and temperatures are expected to drop to -3C.

These snow levels are expected to stay throughout the day, as WXCharts shows.

In Scotland temperatures could drop to -3C, while in northern England the mercury can range from 0C to -2C.

The Midlands and southern England will be slightly warmer, but high temperatures are still only expected to reach 4 ° C.

Temperatures could drop to -3C


Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS)

And the strong winds, which are expected to hit Scotland, will make tomorrow’s freezing temperatures even colder.

Fortunately, the Met Office predicted more stable conditions across the country through January.

For the period January 13-22, a Met Office spokesperson told The Express: “A continuation of broadly settled conditions is very likely as we head into mid-January with strong pressure in the south. country.

Snow is more likely to hit Scotland and parts of northern England

Even in the south of England, temperatures are only likely to reach highs of 4 ° C.

“Most areas will be dry with episodes of rain and stronger winds likely to be limited to the north of the country.

“The calm weather will bring widespread freezing overnight as well as patches of fog in the morning.

“Sunshine levels are uncertain with areas of fog and low cloud that may persist during the day in places, particularly in the south.

“How long the predominantly established situation will persist is uncertain, with the likelihood of some unstable spells returning to many regions as we move towards the end of the period.”

Snow is expected towards the end of January and possibly also the beginning of February



Snow is expected again towards the end of January and maybe even until February.

Sharing more with its long-term forecast, the Met Office continued to talk about the outlook from Jan.23 to Feb.6.

A spokesperson said: “A more unstable regime is very likely in late January and early February with periods of wet and windy weather followed by brighter but rainy interludes.

For Scotland temperatures could drop to -3C, while in northern England the mercury can range from 0C to -2C



“The northwestern regions are likely to be the wettest, with the southern and eastern regions experiencing the best of all the drier interludes.

“Global temperatures are more likely to be near or a little above average, although cooler interludes are possible.

“Snow could fall to lower levels at times in colder interludes, but is most likely over higher terrain in the north.”

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