• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The Met Office predicts strong winds and rain for parts of North Wales this week

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 4, 2022

Parts of North Wales were treated to snow capped mountains and village party scenes last week in what was a surprising change in weather from the hot weather we had over the weekend. previous end. This week however, the Met Office has forecast a typical return to normality.

Unfortunately, fans of snow or sun will be disappointed this week as neither are expected to come to North Wales. Instead, there will be rain and winds and varying temperatures as the erratic changes in temperature and weather seem to be behind us.

Spring has arrived and Easter is not far away, but it looks like we still have a few days of miserable weather left before the holidays arrive. The sky should be more overcast, and with that we can expect moderate winds and rain.

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The Met Office has yet to issue weather warnings for this week. However, they said they expected more wintry showers towards the end of the week, as well as a risk of frost due to a drop in temperature. Here are the predictions for this week:

The sun is shining on Snowdon


A cloudy, windy and wet day for many. Although the temperatures may be slightly higher than the past few days, it will not be felt in the wind and rain. Maximum temperature 13°C.

Outlook from Tuesday to Thursday:

Remain unstable through Tuesday and Wednesday with clouds, rain and strong winds. Thursday should be drier and less windy as well. Temperatures around average for the time of year.

Friday and weekend:

The Met Office said: “To end the week and through the weekend it will likely be cold in the north with wintry showers. Widespread frosts are expected in the north, with some ice patches likely.”

The BBC also agrees with the Met Office rain and wind forecast. A spokesperson said: “Tuesday will be an overcast day with light rain in places, but longer spells of rain will move in for the evening. from the west. Thursday will see variable cloud but it will be a drier day. A few showers in the morning, possibly becoming wintry on higher ground.”

Hikers and walkers venturing into the Snowdonia mountain range are advised to wear appropriate gear and footwear over the next few days. Snowdon has been a busy place for the past few weeks due to the sporadic change in weather, with hikers causing anger parking and behaving irresponsibly.