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The Met Office predicts rain for parts of the UK this week, but warns warmer weather ahead

ByRandall B. Phelps

May 2, 2022

The May Bank Holiday may not have been what everyone expected as drizzles of rain arrived in North Wales over a fairly overcast weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like this weather is forecast for the rest of the week, but meteorologists say we have to get through this weather to be entitled to warmer weather ahead.

Yesterday southern areas remained wet overnight with light rain which continued this morning. Further north, it was relatively drier with some sunny spells, as well as patches of fog.

During lockdown two years ago you will most likely remember April and May bringing record high temperatures, but those times seem to be long behind us. The minimum temperature was around 6°C yesterday, and these temperatures are expected to hold.

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BBC Weather meteorologist Louise Lear told the Express that a large patch of cloud will continue to cover the UK for most of Monday, bringing rain to parts of the west. and covering most of the sun. Wet conditions will slowly recede to leave the door open for an Azores High, which will push temperatures into the 20s around next weekend.

Warmer times are promised

Ms Lear said: “As we move through the middle part of the week, the high is expected to build up, and that is the Azores High, which means the air is coming in from South Africa. ‘West, which means it’s hot and it’s going to push that warmer air across the country.

“So as we move into the week ahead there is potential for showers. Some heavy and stormy, but it’s going to be noticeably warmer, and as we head into next weekend we we can see temps in the 20s.”

The forecaster, however, noted that people will first have to weather a lingering period of cloud and intermittent rain early in the week before they can bask in warmer temperatures.

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See the Met Office’s long-term forecast for Wales below:


A humid start in the south, brighter further north. In the afternoon, there will be bright spells in most areas, but also some showers. Significantly warmer feeling than Sunday. Maximum temperature 15°C.

Outlook from Tuesday to Thursday:

Mostly cloudy Tuesday with light rain, becoming more persistent overnight through Wednesday. Then mostly dry with increasing amounts of sunshine throughout the week, and getting warmer as well.

Check the weather forecast for your area below: