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The inspiring story of Noah Galloway – living without excuses, being a leader at TWG 2022 and more

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jul 19, 2022
Such an amazing story. (Bham now)

The Rotary Club of Birmingham (RCB) welcomed Noah Galloway, Honorary Co-Chair of the 2022 World Games, as a guest speaker at their July 13 meeting. Read on to hear the inspiring Birmingham native talk about overcoming depression, being an effective leader and more.

Noah Galloway, a shining example of determination

IMG 7410 The inspiring story of Noah Galloway - living without excuses, being a leader at TWG 2022 and more
We had the honor of hearing about his journey. (Bham now)

Noah Galloway’s story shows that with determination and a good dose of hindsight, you can tackle anything.

While serving in Iraq, Noah was seriously wounded in action, where he lost his left arm and leg. His story of struggles and triumphs, where he’s been and where he’s going has motivated and inspired people around the world to live without excuses.

An amazing journey

IMG 7421 The inspirational story of Noah Galloway - living without excuses, being a leader at TWG 2022 and more
The Rotary Club of Birmingham was lucky to have him! (Bham now)

Awarded Purple Heart, double amputee decided to join the military following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

“I was actually at UAB on 9/11. I got a phone call from a friend who told me to turn on the TV. I watched as long as I could and then I left for a long run with no destination, nowhere to go, I was just running. That’s when I realized: “I’m 20 years old, I’m in good physical shape and I love my country. So I decided that I was going to the army and I never went back to school again.

Noah Galloway

His battles didn’t stop on the pitch when he was forced to adjust to a life with just two limbs after an attack during Operation Iraqi Freedom that allegedly took his left leg above the knee and his left arm above the elbow.

Noah’s incredible journey to mental and physical well-being is one he shares in his memoir, “Living Without Excuses; the remarkable rebirth of an American soldier. Those words, “No Excuses”, became Noah’s mantra as he emerged from post-traumatic depression thanks to his invigorating passion for fitness.

“You would think the obvious, losing my arm and my leg, was the hardest part of my recovery. But actually it was more the mental aspect. I tell people it took me about 5 years to recover from the mental side, just to accept it. I had accepted to die in battle or to retire an old man, but now I can be proud of this chapter of my life while continuing to create new chapters and not live in my past.

Noah Galloway

National spotlight

His victories in what one might consider impossible competition and hurdles are what put Noah in the national spotlight. Here are some of his achievements that have contributed to the construction of his national platform:

give back

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The No Excuses Charitable Fund hosts an annual golf tournament to give back. (The Noah Galloway / Facebook)

According to a statement from the Birmingham Rotary Club, Noah wanted to give back because of the honorable position he gained with a national platform, so he started the No Excuses Charitable Fund, which raises money and awareness for organizations that support charities. causes that mean the most to Noah.

Now, as a sought-after fitness enthusiast and motivational speaker, Noah is sharing his story to encourage the public and his fans to embrace the “No Excuses” lifestyle on their path to improved mental and physical well-being.

Honored at TWG 2022

Noah Galloway with the American Flag
Noah Galloway, from Birmingham, brought the flag to the stadium to start the opening ceremony. (Bham now)

Noah had the honor of running the American flag during the opening ceremonies.

“I had the honor to run this flag at the World Games and it was one of those amazing moments. It was an honor not just as a veteran, but as an Alabamian,” Galloway said. “I encourage you to always remember where we came from and where we are going, because that is what is most important.”

Noah Galloway

Be the best leader for your family

noah galloway
Family man. (The Noah Galloway / Facebook)

Noah explained what it means to him to be a leader and how it motivates him on a daily basis.

“For my two sons, I show them what a man is, what they will become one day. For my little girl, it’s about showing her how a man is supposed to act. Every time I screw up or fall flat, it’s the thought of my three kids that motivates me to get up, keep going, and try a little harder. When it comes to being a true leader, it starts with you.

Noah Galloway

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