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The Chicago Blackhawks, equally obnoxious and incompetent, are our 4th IDIOT OF THE YEAR

ByRandall B. Phelps

Dec 30, 2021
Chicago Blackhawks

Drawing: Getty Images

Welcome to Deadspin’s IDIOT OF THE YEAR festivities! Numbers 50 to 11 are available for your enjoyment here. And our top 10 so far:

ten. Thom brennaman

9. Ted cruz

8. Rob manfred

seven. Kyrie Irving

6. Sage Steele

5. Urban Meyer

4. Chicago Blackhawks

It takes a lot for a hockey organization to be dumber than the Montreal Canadiens, who knowingly recruited convicted sex offender Logan Maillot and apparently can’t find anyone capable of giving rudimentary language advice in English.

But the Chicago hockey team is up to the task. The club with the racist logo and the team name covered a sexual abuse scandal involving video coach Brad Aldrich in a 2011 Stanley Cup race, with coach Joel Quenneville and team general manager Stan Bowman deciding the sport was more important. Franchise everything but doxxed the victim after the publication of the results of his investigation.

As Deadspin’s Jesse Spector said eloquently:

It’s not that Quenneville and (former Deputy GM Ken) Cheveldayoff shouldn’t be complaining about this – they should. It’s just that the Chicago franchise should have been reduced to ashes because of it, and the salty land where the United Center once stood.

Kyle Beach courageously came forward to say he was a victim. While most of the squad’s players have denied knowing about the situation, stories of players poking fun at Beach blow up that lie. The team, of course, did what the NHL teams do, which is to try to make these things go away while blaming the victim. Beach, a former first-round pick, has never been to an NHL game. Aldrich was able to get a job as a youth coach, and he assaulted a child. All in the name of winning hockey games. Aldrich even had a day with the Stanley Cup!

Quenneville fell, and so did Bowman. Cheveldayoff is still the general manager of the Winnipeg Jets. Jonathan Toews, still team captain and still problematic superstar Patrick Kane (with his own sexual assault allegations) came to defend Bowman and Quenneville and team officials.

Considering accusations in Kane’s past, his comment that Bowman “did a lot for me” seems unsettling at best:

“I knew Stan very well. I knew him as a great man. He’s done a lot for me personally, coming into the league and over the course of my career I’m sure he would have handled things a little differently nowadays.


It doesn’t stop with the Chicago hockey team, as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA President Donald Fehr also seem complicit in trying to make it all go away.