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The Carmel Fire Story Featured in “Chicken Soup” • Current Edition

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 4, 2022

Holly Green knew exactly what she wanted to write when she heard about the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” theme for her next book.

“When I received the email regarding Kindness Matters, the fire in our medical office immediately came to mind,” she said. “The kindness of the people of Carmel following this disaster made a deep impression on me. I am grateful and happy to live here.


The fire occurred in November 2005 at the Carmel Family Physicians office on Medical Drive across from the post office. Green said firefighters assumed that during the night a spark in the electrical wiring in the attic caused the fire. The whole building burned down.

“When staff arrived on the scene the next morning, we could only stand and stare in horror at the remains,” said Green, who was a nurse at the time. “The practice had been there for decades and all the records of thousands of patients were destroyed by flames and water. It was a huge blow not only for the doctors and the staff, but for all the patients who relied on us. for their care. The first thing I heard from one of the doctors was, “Our poor patients. They will be so upset. They need to be reassured. We ended up using the space on the west side of Carmel temporarily.” in a new Saint-Vincent building until ours could be rebuilt. We moved in February 2007.

“On that horrific first day after the fire, we received many immediate offers of help from residents of Carmel.”

Green said three such gracious gestures are featured in her story. She said it was the first time the community had helped after the fire. Green told his story “Fire!” was shared on the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” podcast. She previously wrote two stories for “Chicken Soup for the Soul” about dogs in 2020.

Green has two more stories in a comedy issue this month for the book series.

“One is a story about my mother when she was 90, and the other is a story about my two youngest grandsons when they were toddlers,” she said.

Green said she wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember.

“While my boys were young, I wrote non-fiction articles for family and parenting magazines and even a comprehensive book on domestic violence, ‘Turning Fear to Hope’ (in 1984),” he said. she stated. “When I retired from nursing at the end of 2012, I turned to fiction and recently published a series of three novels.”

Green wrote “What Julia Wrote”, “Linger” and “Exactly Enough” under the name Anne Ashberg to separate her fiction and non-fiction writing.

“This is a single series starring the character of Jill Pennyworth and follows her life over several years, from her first encounter with a notorious crime family to a tragic first love and loss, the birth of her daughter and her struggles to survive as a single mother and business owner,” Green said. “She lives in the shadow of an underground empire that alternately endangers and protects her.”

Green’s fourth novel, “Swan In Winter,” will be released soon. The books are available on Amazon.