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Tekken 8 Story May Conclude Mishima Family Story Arc

ByRandall B. Phelps

Aug 16, 2022

The tekken The franchise has been, since the first game, one of the most storied fighting games in the entire genre. While titles like mortal combat and street fighter have had their own tradition that fans have become attached to, tekken offered something unique that no other title has. While the franchise has had an ultimate enemy for the heroes to oppose, there are more connections between the characters than those who fought against Bison or Shao Khan. Even though this has been the backbone of the series for years, it’s only Tekken 7 that things started to change massively.

In Tekken 7, players say that the years-long rivalry between Kazuya Mishima and his father, Heihachi is reaching a fever pitch. After learning why Heihachi murdered his wife, a demon who sought to kill him first, players could finally sympathize with his fate. Heihachi is cold and brutal as a character, but he acts as such to keep the world away from the terror that Kazuya would bring with the Devil Gene. Nonetheless, the title ends with Heihachi dead and Kazuya in full control. Now with tekken 8 seemingly confirmed, this could be the end of an era that began in 1994.

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Part of the reason why the next episode of tekken might be the biggest entry yet due to how Kazuya was set up in the previous installment. In Tekken 7, he fully embraced his Devil Gene abilities and wasn’t afraid to cause massive chaos. As Jin Kazama started World War III to end his curse, Kazuya destroyed an entire satellite to spite his father, no matter how many innocent people died afterward. There is more of an unbalanced quality to Kazuya which was proven by the unification of Lars, Lee and Jin in Tekken 7the conclusion.

The three mentioned heroes share a family connection with Kazuya and Heihachi and thus were the most qualified to take them down. Each of them chooses to do it their own way, but this is the first time they’ve teamed up and promised that something big is on the horizon, because time is no longer on their side. Ultimately, the final battle will come down to Jin and Kazuya. That said, the outcome could result in a major turning point for the tekken series after nearly three decades of storytelling.

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On the one hand, Jin could kill Kazuya and take his place, like his father did before him. This would only prove that the curse surrounding his family will never end and will make Jin an even deadlier enemy than Kazuya. However, Jin could also break the cycle forever by stopping his father and righting the wrongs caused by his family. Regardless of the outcome, there would be intense finality, as Kazuya’s end would mark the conclusion of a generation of stories that began with him. Friend or foe, what could follow would be a new chapter of battles and rivalries in which Jin would be the ultimate enemy or a world-weary fighter who’s seen more than he wants.

tekken has proven time and time again that fights are only as good as the stories that drive them. Whereas tekken 8 doesn’t have an official release date yet, so even a small match is enough for fans to recognize the impact the franchise has had on fighting games. As a result, whatever comes next will close a chapter on years of stories and ensure that the future holds even more surprises.