• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Stacey Solomon reveals amazing bar built at home with parts from Amazon

Stacey Solomon has revealed the latest development in her epic Man Cave Makeover at Pickle Cottage.

The Loose Women panelist has been busy redesigning a room in their family home for the 40th birthday of former EastEnders star Joe.

Previously, she had spray painted units in their “Cluedo” room which started out in mahogany and had been transformed into a dusty shade of blue.

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And now 32-year-old Stacey has made Joe her own mini-bar.

Stacey used a beam from their old house

The former X Factor finalist updated fans with a video on her Instagram Stories.

She told her 4.9 million subscribers, “That’s why I didn’t finish the beverage area yesterday.

“It took me two hours to cut a bit of that harness because handyman Dave (aka my dad) won’t leave his power tools here because he doesn’t trust me.”

She filled the dispenser with cordial

A jubilant Stacey took fans step-by-step through how she made the bar, starting with sawing a beam above the fireplace in their old home to hang glasses on.

The TV favorite then explained, “So I screwed the beam inside one of the cupboards and screwed my glass rack I had in my old kitchen to the beam.”

And Stacey bought a fancy liquor dispenser from Amazon.

She proudly revealed the end result

She continued, “Then I bought one of this drink stuff from Amazon. None of us drink and I don’t trust our teenagers so they’re full of syrups.”

Stacey also added a mini-fridge in one of the cupboards to store cool drinks.

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The mother of four shared the end result, saying, “Joe’s Juices. I’ll try to burn the beam or something.”

The family moved to Pickle Cottage in March of last year.

Coincidentally, “pickle” is Stacey’s nickname for her children.

One of the fire projects was a fireplace in the bedroom of her youngest son Rex

Stacey revamped the brown fireplace with floral tiles to create a sleeker, more modern, and neutral look in navy blue and gray.