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Solve parts supply challenges with on-demand manufacturing

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 7, 2022

Instant quote engine from Xometry

Engineers from all industries face the same challenges in their daily work when it comes to designing and sourcing parts. These challenges include an unpredictable economic landscape, dispersed manufacturing capabilities, and a lack of clear technical information. However, on-demand manufacturing companies like Xometry can help overcome these challenges.

Xometry’s core structure makes it a reliable partner for engineers and companies looking to improve production efficiency and quickly source parts. This global player in on-demand manufacturing is centered on a strong network of manufacturing suppliers, which allows the company to react quickly and take on all kinds of projects.

Meeting global parts supply challenges

Dispersed crafting capacity

One of the biggest challenges in the industry is low manufacturing capacity. Companies often struggle to find a suitable supplier with spare capacity. Sometimes they even have to use multiple vendors for specific projects and required technologies.

Xometry is an out-of-the-box solution for more efficient parts sourcing: a platform combining all technologies for CNC parts machining, inline 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection molding and die casting. The company also offers a wide choice of materials (75 metals and plastics) and finishes (anodizing, bead blasting, polishing, steam smoothing, powder coating, etc.) to save you time when sourcing parts.

Long quotation times

In a world dominated by urgency, waiting hours or days for a quote is unacceptable, especially if you have a CAD file ready. Xometry’s Instant Quote Engine is a free online platform that provides instant parts cost estimation for different technologies, materials, complexities and quantities.
With just a few clicks, the AI-based system instantly calculates the production cost of the part based on the imported 3D design and selected manufacturing parameters. Users can try different combinations until they find the most suitable and economical option.

Rising material costs

In the current context of increasing trade complexity, the price of materials is increasing rapidly and unpredictably. This has a direct impact on business finances at a time when they are scrambling more than ever to find the most cost-effective solution.
Thanks to a network of more than 5,000 partners worldwide, including 2,000 located in Europe alone, Xometry can always offer competitive prices and ensure that your project is feasible at reasonable market prices.

Environmentally friendly behavior

Ecological awareness is spreading in all walks of life and industry is no exception. Companies are increasingly looking for more environmentally friendly manufacturing options and more thoughtful resource management, which Xometry understands. Thanks to its network of partners and its management platform, the company can pool the production capacities and material reserves of its suppliers. This distributed manufacturing approach helps manage capacity and logistics more efficiently.

Inform the engineers

One of the easiest ways to source parts efficiently is to practice good 3D design and make the best choices in terms of technologies, materials and finishes. But this is not an easy task for product designers and engineers. That’s why Xometry provides informative resources to help engineers.
Its website has many online resources and design guides with technology tips, tips for reducing production costs, and case studies to inspire you. Xometry also offers user consultations to support you throughout the production process.
3D printing samples

Xometry, a reliable manufacturing partner

Xometry has strong expertise in manufacturing parts for different applications and can meet all possible technological and material requirements. Over the years, the company has provided high quality services to a growing number of companies in the automotive, medical, industrial and electronics sectors, to name a few. -ones.

By offering a wide variety of technologies, materials and finishes, Xometry can handle very complex or pioneering projects. For example, the company has supported ambitious and innovative projects such as the development of a machine capable of destroying viruses in the air. Paul Byrne, a mechanical engineer, has created a fully functional device that removes viruses from indoor air.

“Using Xometry as a supplier is a wonderful experience because I no longer have to worry about quality. I did my job as an engineer, they did theirs as a supplier,” says Byrne. “Xometry can supply me with any quantity of CNC machined parts and sheet metal very quickly.

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