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Snow could fall in parts of the UK during Storm Gladys – Coventry and Warwickshire forecast

Storm Gladys is expected to bring a mix of sunshine, high winds and potentially wintry showers to Coventry and Warwickshire.

The Met Office has reported that the last storm is expected to hit our area on Thursday.

Nationally, according to the Mirror, it could bring torrential downpours and high winds, as well as snow in some areas – but it’s likely to be less severe in Coventry and Warwickshire.

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According to the Met Office forecast for our area over the next few days, Thursday 24th February is expected to see Storm Gladys bring much colder weather.

On top of that, the latest storm, which comes in the wake of Dudley, Eunice and Franklin, will see it bring windy showers, possibly becoming wintry on the hills.

Winds are not expected to reach 50 mph during Storm Franklin yesterday (February 21), which knocked down trees, nor the 60 mph gusts that Storm Eunice brought to our area on Friday (February 18).

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said: “As Storm Franklin clears the UK and enters the near mainland this afternoon, windy conditions will gradually ease and showers will become fewer, leaving dry, sunny weather for many.

“However, a band of rain and strong winds will reach the northwest overnight and this weather front will move south and east through Tuesday, fading as it does.

“Thursday is potentially the coldest day of the week with the onset of frost for some. High winds and heavy rain continue to move south and east across the country, clearing southeastern parts of the country. England at lunchtime.

“Winter showers are again expected mainly over the northern hills, but there could be snow at low levels at times.”

This week’s predictions


After a windy and rainy start to Tuesday, a band of wet and windy weather will move southeastward during the morning. Clearer weather will follow during the afternoon, but so will some windy showers. Maximum temperature 10°C.

This evening

Any showers will gradually fade over the course of the evening allowing largely clear skies to develop. Under the clear skies, a frost will develop with possibly a strange patch of ice as well. Minimum temperature 2°C.


A bright but cold start to Wednesday, but clouds will tend to form during the day, with some scattered rain in places. The winds will also start to strengthen again later. Maximum temperature 11°C.

Outlook from Thursday to Saturday

Feeling colder on Thursday with a mix of sunshine and blustery showers, possibly becoming wintry on the hills. Drier and brighter Friday and Saturday and feeling milder again.

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