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Snow comes in DAYS according to the Met Office – which parts of the UK will see snowfall?

Britons could experience chilly nights in late January and early February as the Met Office issues snow and ice warnings. Here’s when you can expect snow in the UK and where

The Met Office has issued severe frost and ice warnings in England and Wales

A deep freeze looks set to spread across Britain, with many parts of the country likely to see snow as early as next week as an outburst in the Arctic could send temperatures plummeting towards the end of January .

The Met Office has warned that “severe frosts” and freezing conditions could be ahead across large parts of England and Wales in the coming weeks, with parts of north-east England and northern Scotland likely to see snow in the coming weeks.

In its long-range forecast, the weather service predicts that the white stuff could fall as early as Thursday, January 27, moving into early February.

When can we expect snow in Britain?

Temperatures will drop from late January to early February



Although overall temperatures are forecast to be slightly above average, colder interludes are still possible from January 31 to February 14, with a chance of occasional snowfall, especially in the northern hills.

This period will likely see a gradual transition to more unstable conditions, the Met Office has warned.

The meteorological office said: “The heaviest rainfall is likely to occur in the northwest, particularly later in the period, while drier than average conditions are more likely to prevail in the southeast. , especially at the beginning of the period. Episodes of strong winds are likely, mainly in the north.”

Will there be snow in February?

The high pressure is expected to be near or across the UK to start in February and then gradually decrease as we move through the month.

This means that bright or sunny periods may prevail first before giving way to increased risk of frost and fog. Although the start of February is not too cold, it seems to be a turbulent mix of wet and windy weather, with occasional bouts of ice and snow.

Forecasts suggest that outbreaks of rain and stronger winds can be expected later in the month, with “an increased likelihood of these pushing further south at times” with rain turning to snow at times.

Are there any safety warnings due to snowfall?

UKHSA has warned people to check on vulnerable neighbors during the big freeze


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The cold can have an impact on health, especially in the elderly and those with health conditions affecting their heart or lungs, as low temperatures increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart attacks. lung infections.

The UK Health and Security Agency has advised that people – especially in central and southern England – check their vulnerable neighbors during the big freeze.

He warned: “Remind vulnerable relatives and neighbors to heat their homes to at least 18C – particularly if they have reduced mobility, are 65 or older or have a medical condition. If they have to go out, it’s important that they wear shoes with good grip.”

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