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Royal Story: Series Showcases Pride of Gujarat to the World | Ahmedabad News

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jul 12, 2022
AHMEDABAD: Pride Kingdom, a 12-episode series offering insight into the untold stories of Asiatic lions and their only home on the planet, Gir, has launched online. The series was filmed in Gujarat rif forest for a few weeks and captures the myriad moods of the imposing animals.
The series is produced by a wildlife enthusiast and Rajya Sabha member Parimal Nathwani. Identical lion twins, the Bhuriya brothers, are the protagonists of the story. The story arc shows how they take control of their territory. One episode captures the terror lions cause in another big cat, the leopard. The deference shown by other animals demonstrates the power of jungle royalty.
The series deals with the behavior of lions and their interactions with humans. It focuses on the hunting training given to cubs by the queens of Gir. It highlights how lionesses put their lives on the line to defend their cubs.
The series focuses on the unique Lion Hospital, which has state-of-the-art facilities to care for the majestic animals.
“I have been visiting Gir regularly for over 35 years. What attracts me is the regal nature of Asiatic lions,” Nathwani said. “Although thousands of tourists visit Gir every year, it has still not received enough attention nationally and internationally. The purpose of this documentary is to tell the untold stories of the Asiatic lions of Gir. He added, “The series is inspired by Project Lion, which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”
Nathwani has taken various initiatives to protect Gir lions with the help of forest officers, trackers and maldharis. Gujarat’s conservation efforts have allowed lions to expand their kingdom far beyond Gir National Park.