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Practice this sample Class 12 Chemistry Term 2 paper with solutions to get marks above 95%.

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 24, 2022

Chemistry Term 2 Class 12 Sample Paper: Class 12 students can practice this Chemistry Term 2 sample paper to find out how well they are prepared for the CBSE board exam.

Chemistry Class 12 Term 2 Paper Sample with Solutions

Chemistry Class 12 Term 2 Sample Paper: With the CBSE class 12 board exams fast approaching, students are preparing to start their review for the chemistry exam. This is the best time to practice as many 12 class chemistry sample papers to build your confidence and improve your learning abilities.


The Central Board of Secondary Education has divided the Class 12 Chemistry Board Examination into two terms. In Term 2, the exam is divided into three sections with 12 questions for which the exam pattern that has been followed is as follows-

1. Section A consists of 1-3 questions worth 2 points each [Very short answer questions].

2. Section B consists of 4 to 11 questions each carrying 3 points [Short answer questions].

3. Section C consists of 1 question carrying 5 points [Case-based question].

Check out the Term 2 Chemistry Class 12 sample paper here with the solutions below:

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