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Pick the best Fall River 2021 story

December draws to a close, ending an unusual year in Fall River history. It was time to take stock for some, a new start for others. It was the second year of the COVID pandemic which still has the world in its grip, casting a specter on all aspects of life in the city. And yet, there have also been positive developments.

We looked at the last 12 months of Herald News stories and made a list of 10 of the most important issues and stories that affect us all. Let’s take a quick look at them all – and we’d love you to choose which are the three best stories of 2021. Vote using our form at the bottom of the story.

Fall River teacher fired for Facebook post finds job

In 2020, Taryn Camara, a teacher at Kuss Middle School, was fired following complaints circulating about an article she posted on her Facebook page that some interpreted as racist. The post was made during a period of national unrest following the death of George Floyd, and Camara’s attorney later said the remarks were intended to be sarcastic. Last year, Camara sued the Fall River School Department, the Fall River Educators Association, and the Massachusetts Teachers Association – and an adjudicator returned Camara’s job, along with the backlog of wages. The story sparked a conversation about the boundaries between people’s social media accounts and their careers – and if that boundary even exists.

Limitations of social media:This Fall River teacher was fired for her Facebook post. Here’s what an arbitrator ruled.

Fall River Schools Superintendent Matt Malone is seen in this Herald News file.

Superintendent Matt Malone ousted over harassment allegations

This past year has been tough for former Superintendent Matt Malone. In January, the school committee sanctioned him after an investigation found that he harassed district staff, including calling a disabled employee the “R word” and using inappropriate language towards female employees. He has also faced heat for refusing to appear before the school board to discuss capital improvements, exchanging critical emails with City Council Chairman Cliff Ponte in a feud that has become public. In June, Malone resigned effective November 1, ending a career that began in Fall River in 2016.

The school principal resigns:Distressed Fall River Superintendent Malone announces his resignation

Mike St. Pierre of Fall River is seen here in a still image from a TikTok video after throwing an object into the building during the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC

Fall River store owner grabs criticism for participating in Capitol riots

Six days after the start of the new year, a crowd of supporters of then-President Donald Trump marched to protest against the Capitol building in Washington, DC, and caused politically motivated chaos on a scale never before seen. seen in our lifetime. Hundreds of people stormed the building, damaging property, ransacking offices, disrupting a joint session of Congress and threatening lives. Fall River grocery store owner Mike St. Pierre broadcast live from Washington while participating in the walk and was filmed throwing an object inside as a door slammed open . Saint-Pierre has been questioned by the FBI. His grocery store has since closed and he has opened another similar business.

“Caught up in the moment”:Fall River store owner Mike St. Pierre regrets his actions during the Capitol riots

A new EMS trailer was parked halfway through Wednesday in the Seabra Foods parking lot to deliver COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID vaccine arrives in Fall River, but virus persists

In the second year of the pandemic, not one but three COVID-19 vaccines were developed at an incredible rate, with some form of vaccination finally rolled out for everyone from the age of 5. At first, with a limited supply, vaccines were rationed by age group and health condition, but now vaccines are widely available, some walk-in, and public clinics are held almost daily. Thanks to vaccinations and perhaps a seasonal lull, COVID was on the ropes in the summer – but with vaccination rates too low and mutations spreading, the virus rages on again in the onset of winter.

Take your photo:Experts say COVID vaccine safe for children as cases rise in Grand Fall River

Meryl Streep plays President Janie Orlean in Netflix movie

Fall River on the small screen, the big screen and again the small screen

Following the release of “Jungleland” in 2020, cable channel Epix released “Fall River,” a four-part documentary series about a handful of murders in the late 1970s and 1980s, and the Satanic panic that followed. The series won over audiences and critics alike. Later in the year saw the debut of the Netflix comedy blockbuster “Don’t Look Up” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep, with scenes filmed on Battleship Massachusetts in 2020. The film has been released in theaters before to find your way to Netflix. for Christmas.

“Do not search” notice:Fall River’s Battleship Cove Looks Good, But McKay’s Movie Is A Sufficient Mix Of Angry Comedy

Former Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II enters the Federal Courthouse John Joseph Moakley on Monday, September 20, 2021.

Former mayor Jasiel Correia II convicted of corruption

After a rise to stratospheric power, Jasiel Correia II fell to earth in 2021, facing a four-week trial for fraud and extortion linked to schemes he orchestrated before and during his tenure as mayor. He maintained his innocence in the face of more than 30 witnesses testifying to shocking displays of extravagant luxury spending, the misuse of investor money, and shameless coercion by business owners to pay bribes, but was convicted and sentenced to six years in federal prison for his crimes. He is waiting for a date to report to jail.

Tracing the fall of Jasiel Correia:From business leader and mayor to condemned corruption leader

Method Man and Redman at the Massachusetts Cultivators Cup presented a day of live music in Somerset on Saturday, September 4, 2021.

Marijuana trade grows in Fall River, flourishes in Somerset

Correia’s lawsuit, involving marijuana companies, has put a damper on the booming cannabis economy in Fall River, with Mayor Paul Coogan vowing to revamp the local licensing process and make it more transparent. We looked at the state of the marijuana businesses in Fall River. Meanwhile, Somerset grabbed the headlines by hosting world-famous hip-hop stars at a concert sponsored by Solar Therapeutics, a celebration known as the Cultivators Cup.

The agreement with the distribution pot:As the Jasiel Correia lawsuit draws to a close, here’s the state of marijuana sales in Fall River

The headquarters of the Fall River Police Department.

Fall River Police Department in trouble for withholding evidence and more

The ministry grabbed the headlines in 2021 for the wrong reasons. The city faces several lawsuits over allegations of excessive force by police officers, with one officer facing disciplinary action for filing false reports in order to protect another officer. In the spring, an officer accidentally posted an article criticizing murder victim George Floyd on the department’s Facebook page, triggering outrage and a suspension. And there has been a serious investigation into the mismanagement of evidence by officers in outstanding cases, including the storage of drugs in their offices.

Still mismanaged evidence? Fall River Police investigate boxes found at officer’s home

The new BMC Durfee High School in Fall River.

Old Durfee High School Closes Permanently, New Durfee Impresses Students and Visitors

There has been a changing of the guard on Elsbree Street as the 1978 BMC Durfee High School building closed for good after decades of leaks, heating issues, mold issues, construction failures and more , but the city’s new Durfee High has opened. Construction of the building went according to plan for the start of the September school year, blowing away the students and visitors who attended the open days. The old building is being demolished.

Take a look inside:What does a $ 263 million school look like? Check out the new Fall River BMC Durfee High

Coogan, Mayor of Ponte's Debate at Blessed Trinity Parish Wednesday.

Mayor Paul Coogan easily re-elected in controversial race against Cliff Ponte

Although his first term was mainly dominated by the response to the COVID pandemic, voters gave Paul Coogan another term as mayor. The race has often been ugly, getting off to a bad start when challenger and city council chairman Cliff Ponte ridiculed the job as “ceremonial” in a press release to staff at his real estate company. Coogan officially begins his new term next year, with Ponte ending his term on the council to become a private citizen.

Other term:Outgoing President Paul Coogan wins Fall River mayoral race hands down

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