• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Parts of the UK will be hit by snow next week after a hot weekend

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 27, 2022

After enjoying some much-needed spring sunshine, parts of the UK are set to be hit by snow next week as a “taste of winter” returns, a Met Office meteorologist has warned.

As the clocks moved forward this weekend to usher in British Summer Time, it looks like the weather is about to take a not-so-seasonal turn after days of above-average temperatures.

Credit: Alamy

Forecaster Marco Petagna said: “We’ll get a taste of most seasons in a matter of days.”

Petagna said snow from the hills was likely to affect parts of Scotland on Tuesday evening, and possibly across the Pennines and the Welsh mountains by Wednesday.

He also revealed how the temperature in Glasgow, Scotland is expected to drop by half – from 18.7°C yesterday at only 8°C by Thursday.

In a post on Twitter, Petagna warned that a “shock to the system” would be “coming next week”, saying that with the arrival of British Summer Time, “a taste of the ‘winter’ would return to the UK.

He explained how a cold front moving south between Tuesday and Thursday will bring a chance of snow on the hills in some areas, saying “wintry showers’ will then follow.

To a similar time last year we saw an “even bigger shift from hot to cold”, he added, sharing a report from the Met Office which detailed how “the heat of late March” in 2021 was followed by a “cold plunge in early April” thanks to a brisk northern air current that brought a mass of cold arctic maritime air across the UK.

However, Petagna admitted it wasn’t all bad news, saying“But it’s still quite good for the time of year. The average at the end of March would generally only be 9C or 10C in the north and 10-12C in the south. So It’s still pretty good at the start of the week.”

He also said there would be a “more noticeable change” from the middle of the week, with Thursday looking likely to be “a cold day for most” with highs between 6°C and 11°VS