• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Parts of the UK wake up to snow as more wintry weather is expected | Weather United Kingdom

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 31, 2022

Parts of eastern England and Scotland woke up to snow showers on Thursday morning, with more snow, hail and ice expected in a dramatic contrast to spring weather last week.

Highest temperatures across the UK are set to drop from last week’s highs of 20C to a high of 10C this weekend as air from the Arctic brings below average temperatures for the second week of spring.

West Yorkshire woke up to a deep blanket of snow after several hours of snowfall overnight, although Manchester and Durham also experienced significant drifts, and some light showers were seen further south-east in the East Midlands and East Anglia.

Temperatures fell below freezing between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, with some councils, such as Newcastle City, issuing emergency protocols to deal with the sudden change, including services to help rough sleepers.

A Met Office yellow weather warning for ice, covering parts of eastern Scotland, north-east England and Yorkshire until 10 a.m. on Thursday, said “showers of snow and hail could lead to icy surfaces, with possible travel disruptions”, with snowfall potentially affecting roads at high altitudes.

Met Office spokesman Nicola Maxey said any band of showers across eastern England and Scotland on Thursday could turn to snow, with the potential for 1-2cm of snow lying in places. “The snow that accumulates won’t last very long at this time of year because the ground is quite warm,” she says.

Widespread frost is forecast for Thursday evening, and the Met Office has put in place a yellow warning for a risk of ice disruption and possibly snow on Friday morning in parts of Kent, Sussex, Suffolk, Essex and East Anglia.

Matty Box, a meteorologist, said there was currently a “mass of cold air” over the UK. He said there would be a similar risk of concentrated showers of snow, rain and ice pellets in eastern and northern parts of the UK on Thursday evening and also Friday morning.

The weather is expected to gradually improve over the weekend, with “good sunshine” and some clearing, Box said. “Showers will become less frequent, but still with the possibility of some wintry showers on the east coast and the North Sea coast, particularly until Saturday.”

Maxey said the contrast in weather over the past week was not unusual for spring and was caused by the pressure changing and allowing cold Arctic air to push south across the UK. Since there is moisture in the air, it may fall as snow.

“Spring is a time of transition from winter to summer, so you have variations in temperature and weather type, you can quite easily go from warm sunny spells to cooler forays with some snow. and freezing,” she said.