• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Parts of Nuneaton have declared avian flu control zones – what that means

Parts of Nuneaton have been declared avian influenza control areas.

Red warning signs have appeared at Abbey Green, Tuttle Hill and parts of Camp Hill.

They say “bird flu control area” and point people to the government website.

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According to the website of the Agency for Animal and Plant Health, control zones are in place across the country following outbreaks of bird flu.

Nuneaton and parts of Atherstone and Market Bosworth are within a 10km surveillance zone.

This is due to the establishment of a 3 km protection zone at Atherstone following confirmed cases of the fatal disease at Sheepy Parva.

According to the government’s website, he explains: “When avian influenza is confirmed or suspected in poultry or other captive birds, disease control zones are put in place around the infected premises to prevent the spread of the disease. .

“Within these areas, a range of restrictions on the movement of poultry and equipment associated with their keeping may apply.”

Areas in place across Nuneaton and Atherstone according to the Plant and Animal Health Agency website

In November, the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary at Oaston Road was forced to close to all birds.

As we reported in our newsletter, half of Stratford’s swans have died as a result of an outbreak of bird flu.

Last epidemic area

But now cases have been confirmed closer to home in the nearby Atherstone area.

Bird watchers living in and around Sheepy Parva have been told to follow a series of restrictions after a case of bird flu is confirmed.

In the past few days, Leicestershire County Council Trade Standards officers have knocked on doors and sent letters to properties within the 2 mile area to give advice to bird owners and, if necessary, arrange a sanitary inspection by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

The Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has established 3 km and 10 km zones in which all poultry farmers must follow increased biosecurity measures to limit the risk of the spread of the disease. sickness.

The fifth case in Leicestershire follows recent outbreaks at commercial poultry farms near Barrow upon Soar in Charnwood and an increase in cases across the country.

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