• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Nigeria: Skit Maker Awards Debut – Don Jazzy and Tunde Ednut for Honor Awards

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 8, 2022

Nigerians, Africans and even the world have witnessed the growth of the sketch industry which has been built by raw talents, raw societal issues and social media technology. It is imperative to note that an award such as The Skit Maker Awards comes at a time when these talented practitioners deserve praise and encouragement.

Speaking at a press conference, the project’s producer, Deji Alaran, who also has theater and film production in his genes, being the son of legendary Baba Alaran of Yoruba cinema fame, said “at Deji Alaran Entertainment, it’s a privilege to have put together this project. We know what’s going on in every sketch you see there. A standard 120 second sketch would have cost hundreds of thousands of naira from the maker of sketches, in terms of materials and other logistics. And we felt it was time to reward and appreciate these professionals who have given us nothing but joy. The industry has grown bigger during the COVID lockdown -19 in 2020 as they have become our inspiration and companion throughout the period.Since then the industry has grown to become a multi-billion naira industry with so many prospects and opportunities.It is time for us to say thank you to this industry,” Alaran concluded.

At the press conference, the event company in charge of activating the event was also present. CEO of The Ayo George Events, Ambassador Ayo George said “we were delighted when the award producer reached out to us, we appreciated that as well. the industry was long overdue, and Deji Alaran did well in taking this bold step that no one has taken.His company has also promised that these sketch makers will not only win plaques, there are lots of prizes to be won alongside the plaques by some categories if not all categories. will be announced shortly Nigerians should be ready to support their favorite sketch creators and see their heroes rewarded and rewarded at the end Special thanks to Watu, the Fintech company providing the technical support, ensure that the voting process goes smoothly. We’re going to have a great time,” he said.

The organizers have revealed that Don Jazzy and Tunde Ednut have been nominated for honorary awards for being the two best Nigerians who have published and encouraged the sketch industry to the stage it is at today, and they believe this duo deserves also to be celebrated.