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Most Star Trek Fans Completely Missed TNG’s Most Epic Borg Story

ByRandall B. Phelps

Aug 30, 2022

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hive explores the relationship between humanity and the Borg like no other series in franchise history.

The terrifying nature of Borg led to some of the greatest episodes and films of the star trek universe, whether or not they appear in The next generation or another series. But fans probably missed what’s arguably the best – and that’s from IDW Publishing.

Regardless of taste, one of Borg’s most pivotal moments involved Picard’s assimilation into the Collective in “The Best of Both Worlds” where he assumed the identity of Borg’s Locutus. The film First contact then explained why Picard became more than just a drone, revealing that the Collective actually had a Borg queen who wanted an equal and saw it in Picard. Besides Picard or Locutus, another memorable Borg character from star trek heralds of Travelerthe survivor Seven of Nine.


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All of these aforementioned stories or themes served as the basis for what is a remarkable and severely underrated Borg story, the comic book series Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hive by Brannon Braga, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett, Joe Corroney, Shawn Lee and Hi-fi. Hive takes place in two separate timelines. Today, the Borg Queen asks the Federation for help against a species they couldn’t assimilate and are now rampaging across the galaxy as S from Star Trekeven de Nine allows himself to be re-assimilated into the Borg as a spy. Going forward, Picard is Locutus again and helped the Borg assimilate all entities in the known universe. However, he feels their success defeats the Borg’s purpose and recreates Data to help him defeat the Borg Queen.

The concept of Picard and Seven of Nine working together was apparently a popular idea that not only IDW had because the two appear in the current course picard series. But here, Hive goes to the heart of who they are as survivors as both take the risk of returning to the collective. The concept of reassimilation is more terrifying than just losing a sense of self again, because there is a real aspect to their plight. Part of Picard and Seven of Nine have always wanted to return to the Borg, creating the allusion to the struggles of relapse. Picard may have surrendered at the end of First contact to be reassimilated, but he never underwent the procedure as he does in Hive. In addition, Hive‘s Seven of Nine suffers its own personal tragedy that puts his entire Borg experience on a loop in such a bittersweet way that some fans wish this story was canon and not picard. The comics also explore in more detail the Borg Queen’s connection to Picard and her reliance on Picard that the TV shows and movies have never addressed where she not only still wishes to reclaim Locutus but even adopts Picard’s strategies, undermining both what Borg and herself stand for while revisiting why she wants Locutus from a different perspective.

Meanwhile, the Locutus of the future in Hive serves as an intriguing take on Locutus’ identity as an individual drone. Although a Borg, Locutus still retains some of his humanity, and it’s fascinating that he feels dissatisfied during the Borg’s successful assimilation of the known universe, because that’s a very human emotion. Additionally, Locutus’ decision to rebuild Data further illustrates his inner duality as a hybrid as this act means he has not only brought back a friend from himself, but someone who from Star Trek Borg cannot assimilate and strives to become human, which is the antithesis of the Collective. The next generation and star trek on the whole, they may have told incredible stories about the Borg, but few have ventured so far into the intricacies and nuances of humanity’s relationship with the Borg.