• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Michelle Snell, Canton City Schools

NAME – Michele Snell

SCHOOL – McKinley Senior High


JOB TITLE – Family support specialist


NOMINATION – “Ms. Snell has made it a priority to consistently meet the needs of our students, especially during the holiday season. our students to discover new things thanks to Reconnect Wednesday.

WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING PART OF YOUR JOB? – Successfully meet the needs of students and parents.

WHAT IS MOST DIFFICULT? – Seeing the need but the reluctance of students or parents to accept or ask for help.

IF YOU DIDN’T DO THIS, YOU WILL BE… – … traveling.

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE STUDENTS WITH YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW OR APPRECIATE? – I would say the diversity of our student body. The ever growing Hispanic population and how many of our students are facing their needs versus sharing and asking for help. Most people don’t appreciate how grateful students are.

HOW TO RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY AT WORK? – Long drive and retail therapy (lol).


WHAT IS A RESPONSIBILITY ABOUT YOUR JOB WHICH YOU DON’T KNOW EXISTS BEFORE ACCEPTING IT? – How emotionally draining it can be at times, but my faith and supportive colleagues and the community join in with any major project presented.

Michele Snell, Family Support Specialist at McKinley High School, Canton Repository Synchrony Financial Difference Maker for January 2022 on Tuesday January 4, 2021.



Marilyn Jackson, LRC at Alliance High School – Marilyn really cares about our students and staff at AHS. She supports students who are struggling to get their credits back, and students rely on her to be their cheerleader and believe in themselves so they can believe in themselves. We can also often see her cheering our students on at extracurricular events!

Adam DeMonte, Deputy Director of the Alliance Early Learning School – M. DeMonte is committed to making AELS students feel at home. During this first year in an administrative role, he established positive and effective relationships with AELS students, staff and families and spends time daily visiting classrooms and the cafeteria to speak with students. students and offer words of praise and encouragement. Mr. DeMonte is an asset to AELS!


Michelle Snell, Family Support Specialist at McKinley – Ms. Snell has made it a priority to consistently meet the needs of our students, especially during the holiday season. She put together holiday meal packages, provided sponsors for families in need, planned a women’s empowerment field trip, and provided multiple opportunities for our students to discover new things through Reconnect on Wednesday.

Christopher Stone, Traveling Director, Clarendon – Mr. Stone’s calm and consistent approach was exactly what we needed! Mr. Stone kept moving around the building, helping and supporting the staff, talking with the students, and making people smile.


Michele Bales, paraprofessional – Michele Bales works as a paraprofessional aide in an intensive needs class. Michele is kind, caring, and has a positive relationship with the students in the class. It helps the teacher meet the needs of students at all levels. We are so grateful for Michèle!


Jean-Paul, Director of Finance – John Paul has been the Commercial Director of Central Catholic for over two decades. He knows every aspect of CCHS and every Crusader knows him, not because he takes care of all the financial chores of the school, but because he is one of the nicest men you can. meet. Jean-Paul is always friendly, respectful and calm, but his passion for the Catholic center is evident in everything he does.


Renee Vacha, Clinic / LPN – Renee is always patient and understanding as she takes care of all the students at Lake Cable. She takes care of all the unique needs of our building and manages our clinic with kindness, efficiency and knowledge.


Lynn Myers, Lunch Supervisor – Ms. Myers takes extra care to ensure the children’s needs are met during their lunch break. She understands the importance of encouraging students to eat healthy, but also to develop friendships and have fun at school. She purposefully demonstrates how to have positive interactions with others when working with the children in our dining room.

Brenda Ramey, School Nurse at Hoover High School – Ms. Ramey is an exceptional school nurse who balances the health and safety of students and staff with the personal relationships she develops. Although her job responsibilities have increased dramatically due to the pandemic, she continues to be a positive role model and support person for everyone. Thank you, thank you, Mrs. Ramey for all your hard work!


Sara Colaianni, assistant – Sara’s responsibilities are endless. She supervises our students during their placement in AEP and builds relationships with these young people. These relationships then allow him to have impactful interactions with these students throughout the school year. She also helps monitor our study rooms and works in our refurbished cafe.


Ryan Hartshorne, Transportation Mechanic – Ryan Hartshorne is a Transportation Technician / Bus Mechanic at local schools in Osnaburg. Ryan was our Transportation Department’s MVP in these unprecedented times. It makes sure that our transport fleet has a perfect inspection every year. Mr. Hartshorne drives a bus almost every day due to a shortage of backup drivers. Mr Hartshorne opens the bus garage early before 6 a.m. daily and can often be seen late at night driving a sports trip. He always has a positive attitude and goes above and beyond to ensure that all students have opportunities through transportation. The local Osnaburg schools have been fortunate to have someone with the work ethic, commitment and character of Mr. Hartshorne in our transportation department.


Shannon Cochran, Edison Library Clerk – Shannon does a terrific job in our library and really enjoys helping her students find the book that will make them love reading. Ms Cochran didn’t let the pandemic get in the way, as she found a way to let kids choose their books and hand-delivered them every day for kids to keep reading, even if they couldn’t. actually visit the library. This is just one example of how she goes above and beyond to help.


Krista Spencer, Technology Support Specialist – Krista is a valued member of the SV technology department. She manages the individual Chromebooks of Sandy Valley students and is extremely helpful and supportive in many other areas of technology as well.


Sandra Smith, Commercial Director – Sandy Smith is the commercial director of Saint-Thomas d’Aquin. Not only does she see every invoice for dozens of people, but she also goes out of her way to keep things running smoothly at STA. She makes sure supplies are stocked, facilities are in tip top shape, and everyone has the tools they need to be successful. This school year, she ran a new program to provide each student with two school sweatshirts, and she set up the distribution of a brand new Chromebook to each student. She is a key member of a team committed to the success of students and staff.


Tanya Eller, Band Director of Stark County Catholic Schools – Tanya Eller has taken on many roles, serving Stark County Catholic Schools as group leader. It brought together students from several schools, balancing the schedules for students from grades 4 to 8. Students shared how much they enjoy working with her and said that she makes learning an instrument, playing and exploring music fun. Music is an important component in encouraging students to grow in the arts, we are grateful for its knowledge and appreciation of each student, of all skill levels.


Denise Malcolm, Payroll / Accounts Receivable – Payroll probably isn’t high on most people’s list when they think of the difference someone can make, but every time our teachers and staff get paid without mistakes, Denise makes a difference. School payroll is an extremely complicated job that requires a deep knowledge of things most people can’t understand, as well as tremendous technical skill, and Denise is one of the best payroll people in Stark County. .

Diane Koons, Food Service Supervisor / Accounts Payable – Diane recently took on the responsibility of Food Services Supervisor following the retirement of a 41-year-old veteran at Tuslaw, and she took on the role without wasting time. Food service is absolutely essential to the functioning of all school districts, and in an era of COVID with supply chain shortages and what appear to be ever-changing state and federal guidelines, Diane has followed everything as if she was the 41-year-old veteran.