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Marriage to Sean Bean and Nicola Walker: release date, story

ByRandall B. Phelps

Aug 9, 2022

The wedding seems to be one of the must-watch TV events of the summer.

Shuffle Sean Bean (game of thronesSharpe) and Nicola Walker (UnforgettableLast Tango in Halifax) and throw in a script from genius BBC Mum comedy creator Stefan Golaszewski, and it should be a recipe for TV drama perfection.

An emotional four-part series about the highs and lows of a 30-year marriage between Ian (Bean) and Emma (Walker), the series captures the hopes and fears of normal couples in the moving style that has become the hallmark of factory of the writer Golaszewski.

Here’s everything you need to know about the BBC One series wedding…

When does marriage start on BBC One?


The drama Nicola Walker and Sean Bean Marriage begins Sunday August 14 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

Each episode will be available on iPlayer after launch.

The second episode airs Monday, August 15 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

wedding cast

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker wedding


  • Sean Bean – Plays Ian
  • Nicola Walker – Plays Emma
  • Chantelle Alle – Plays Jessica
  • James Bolam – Play Gerry
  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes – Plays Jamie
  • Jack Holden – Plays Adam
  • Stefan Golaszewski (He and Her, Mom) – Writer, Creator, Director and Executive Producer

Explaining the show’s characters, writer Stefan Golaszewski said: “Sean Bean plays Ian, he was recently made redundant and his mother passed away. He’s at a turning point in his life where things change for him in the notion of who he is.

“Nicola Walker plays Emma who has plans for what she wants to do with her career and takes care of her father.

“Chantelle Alle plays Jessica who has found herself in a relationship with Adam that isn’t very healthy and tries to get out of it but in the process she discovers things about herself.

“James Bolam plays Gerry, he’s stuck at home trying to control what he can and what little he can.

“Henry Lloyd Hughes plays Jamie, he can spin well but the ice he is skating on is very present.”

Nicola Walker in Marriage


Speaking about the series, Sean Bean said, “I’m thrilled to star alongside the talented Nicola Walker and can’t wait to bring Stefan’s intimate scripts to the screen.”

Nicola Walker added: “This is a unique project. Stefan has created such a beautiful, funny and complicated world and I’m thrilled to step into Ian and Emma’s marriage to Sean.

What is Marriage?

The Wedding follows married couple Ian (Sean Bean) and Emma (Nicola Walker) as they negotiate the ups and downs of their 30-year marriage.

We see them deal with the insecurities, ambiguities, hopes and fears that are part of all marriages, as the drama explores the risks and gifts of a long-term intimate relationship.

Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always revealing.

Nicola Walker and Sean Bean married


Writer Stefan Golaszewski said the show is about how couples “go through things together”.

“I guess I try to write about what it’s like to be a person rather than what it’s like on TV or in fiction. People find it difficult and they don’t really know what they feel,” he said.

“They think they’re feeling one thing but often feel something else. Often they don’t know what to say to each other, which seems like a more truthful portrayal of what it’s like to be a person. In the show, that’s what I’m trying to do; connect with the audience on what it’s like to be them and live their lives minute by minute, as opposed to a broad plot.

“Digging into the smallest, tiny moments to find the dramas and tensions in the way we as people live our lives; moment by moment. We don’t experience life like big thunderstorms, it’s more like constant drizzle and that’s what the show explores.

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Marriage Review – Why You Should Watch

Why should you watch Marriage? You really only need one reason and that’s writer Stefan Golaszewski.

One of the most exciting talents working on television, Golaszewski’s ability to capture the humor and joy of everyday life is unmatched.

Speaking about his writing style, he said, “The reason the things I write tend to be funny or ironic is really a reflection of the fact that the world is basically ridiculous and everything about it is useless, but the only thing that isn’t. It’s love and connection between people.

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker wedding


“If I think about it, that’s probably what ties everything I’ve written together; there’s a central focus on finding unity.”

And on the show’s uplifting spirit, he added, “What inspired the show was seeing the world full of beautiful things where people fall in love and try their best to be together. I think ‘there is something truly beautiful about humans that deserves to be celebrated.”

Watch Wedding on BBC One on Sunday July 14 on BBC One