• Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Juarez to restore Juan Gabriel mural on side of eight-story building

ByRandall B. Phelps

Aug 22, 2022

City officials hope week-long festivities to honor local music legend will help restore ‘sense of normality’

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — The city of Juarez plans to restore a massive mural in its downtown area of ​​legendary singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel.

The touch-up coincides with week-long activities honoring the musical icon on the sixth anniversary of his death.

“It should be a matter of pride, something to celebrate. This brings added value to our city, helping us overcome the perception of danger associated with our city,” said Rogelio Ramos, president of the Juarez Chamber of Commerce, during a press conference.

A violent frenzy earlier this month rocked Juarez, as a prison brawl between two gangs spilled outside the walls, leaving 11 people dead and several businesses and vehicles torched. City officials hope a peaceful and joyful Juan Gabriel Festival will help restore normalcy to Juarez.

Juarez held a street festival in its downtown area on Sunday as part of week-long events honoring the late Mexican singer Juan Gabriel. (photo of the city of Juarez)

The city hired artist Arturo Damasco, who painted the original mural on the side of the eight-story Hotel Moran building, to refurbish its artwork.

The artist plans to apply a new coat of paint and sealer; the background around the performer’s face could also be changed, city officials said.

The festivities began on Sunday with a parade and street concert downtown.