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James Cook’s sobbing nurse refused to give police a sample after car found ‘in the middle of a roundabout’

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 5, 2022

A sobbing James Cook Theater nurse has been banned from the roads after refusing to provide a breathalyzer to police.

‘Embarrassed’ Julie Obyrne appeared at Teesside Magistrates’ Court after her vehicle was found in the ‘middle of a roundabout’ on Ormesby Road. Park End’s mother was “unsteady on her feet” with her “glassy eyes” when Cleveland police asked her to provide a specimen for analysis.

When the 52-year-old refused, she was arrested and taken into custody. However, she failed to provide a sample again in the cells.

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The NHS worker told how she was ‘ashamed and embarrassed of herself’ after pleading guilty to failing to provide a sample for analysis at Middlesbrough Court on Monday.

District Attorney Rachel Butt recounted how Cleveland police were called to the area just before 8 p.m. on March 3. Officers received reports that a vehicle was ‘stationary in the middle of a roundabout’ on Ormesby Road.

The court heard how Obyrne was “sitting in the driver’s seat” and sounding “drunk”. When officers arrived at the scene, Obyrne was with two paramedics but was “visibly upset”.

Ms Butt said Obyrne’s speech was ‘kneaded’, her ‘eyes glassy’ and she was ‘unsteady on her feet’. She added that the car was registered in Obyrne.

Officers asked Obyrne to provide a roadside sample, but she refused. She was arrested and taken into custody and asked to provide a sample again.

However, she did not provide a specimen for analysis. Ms Butt described her actions as a “deliberate failure”.

Middlesbrough District Court heard Obyrne had no previous convictions.

“Under great pressure”

Diminishing Julian Gaskin pointed out that Obyrne was of “prior good character” and works as a theater nurse at James Cook University Hospital. The defense attorney said Obyrne had been “under a lot of pressure” and the offense was “completely and utterly irrelevant”.

“She’s completely ashamed of herself,” he added. “She puts it down to panic attacks.”

The court heard how Obyrne worked 10-hour shifts, three days a week. Mr Gaskin said she had also been his son’s primary carer.

Julie Obyrne

District Judge Marie Mallon described the offense as a “deliberate denial” but would not send Obyrne to jail. Instead, she received a 12-week sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Obyrne, of Gilmonby Road, Park End, was also banned from driving for 24 months. She was also offered the drink-driving rehabilitation course which would reduce her ban.

She must also pay a court bill of £213, including an additional £128 and court costs of £85. Before leaving the courtroom, Obyrne said, “I’m so ashamed and ashamed of myself.”

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