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Is Amazon Prime’s All the Old Knives based on a true story?

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 11, 2022

Amazon Prime has delivered its latest creation, a spy drama-thriller about lies, secrets, love and murder.

All Old Knives puts Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton front and center, two former CIA agents as they recall a traumatic day in their past careers.

Fans are curious if the events of the film are based on a true story. We’ll take a look.

All the Old Knives – Official Trailer | First video

All Old Knives release date and plot preview

All the Old Knives was released on Amazon’s streaming service on April 8, 2022.

The film follows Henry Pelham and Celia Harrison, former lovers who met as CIA agents.

tank house | official trailer

It opens at a dinner party in 2020, where the two characters reunite after some time apart, as they recall a dramatic day in their careers that occurred in 2011.

The story is told in a non-linear structure as it switches between flashbacks and the present.

While the characters were deeply in love with each other, they betray each other, with the story ending on an epic twist.

All the Old Knives – Official Trailer | First video

Are all old knives a true story?

No, All the Old Knives is not based on a true story and is indeed a work of fiction.

It is, however, based on a novel of the same name written by Olen Steinhauer, the person also behind the screenplay.

The book was published in 2015 and the plots line up strongly except for the dates of certain events.

The film rights were acquired in May 2017 after publication reviewed positive reviews and was shot in the second half of 2020.

Michelle Williams was originally on board to star as Celia Harrison opposite Chris Pine but pulled out of the project before filming began.

Laurence Fishburne is also involved, playing Vick, Henry’s boss, as well as Jonathon Pryce, who plays Bill Compton.

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More by author Olen Steinhauer

Olen Steinhauer is a Baltimore-born writer who specializes in spy fiction.

Among his works is the New York Times bestseller The Tourist, released in 2009, which follows a former undercover CIA agent, Milo Weaver, whose former life comes back to haunt him.

Shortly after its release, George Clooney’s production company bought the film rights to The Tourist and it was rumored that the actor would play the protagonist himself, however, for unknown reasons, that never happened. product.

Steinhauer wrote 11 spy books in total, following The Tourist with a Milo Weaver series.

He also wrote the Yalta Boulevard series, starting the project in 2001 which traces the history of a fictional European country during its communist period between 1949 and 1989.

His film repertoire also includes Berlin Station, of which he is the writer and producer, a spy drama series.

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