• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Introducing Sample Automation and Major New Features for the X-Pulse Benchtop NMR Spectrometer Labmate Online

ByRandall B. Phelps

May 18, 2022

Advanced modular design now makes X-Pulse the only fully scalable broadband benchtop NMR system to meet chemical analysis needs in research, development, quality control and education

Oxford Instruments launched the brand new X-Pulse broadband NMR spectrometer with X-Auto, an automatic sample changer. Newly added X-Pulse features dramatically increase ease of use, throughput, and remote working capability while further reducing ongoing costs. This was achieved by removing any need for deuterated solvents using new external signal frequency locking technology, adding automated soft switching between cores, sensitivity enhancements, and seamless sample exchange. surveillance. Continuous flow monitoring and advanced sample temperature control are combined with the only true broadband core selection to meet a wide range of analytical chemistry needs across industries from batteries to pharmaceuticals. The unique modular architecture makes this new X-Pulse fully configurable and a highly cost-effective investment for basic science, advanced analytical research, quality control optimization, and education.

The combination of the new X-Auto sampler, which allows up to 25 samples to be preloaded, and new SpinFlow 3.1 software functionality, ensures that users can add individual experiments or long queues to each sample with a few simple clicks. By rearranging the experimental queues, short duration experiments can be prioritized over all samples to quickly determine the value of continuing with longer queued experiments, maximizing efficiency. Through a remote connection to the instrument, all preloaded samples can be modified and new experiments added or adapted to the user’s analysis needs. This minimizes time spent with the instrument and maximizes remote work productivity. Automated soft switching between chemical cores is particularly advantageous for applications requiring the selection of a wide range of NMR active cores, including those in the battery, polymer and fine chemical markets.

Professor Philippe Wilson, Professor of One Health at Nottingham Trent University, said: “Benchtop NMR is a central part of our research into point-of-care disease diagnosis. This new X-Pulse with X-auto will massively speed up our projects: no more sample prep, our postdocs will run a day of samples unattended – even with automatic switching between the most important cores. Ultimately, the faster time to release and more complete data for our industry collaborators will be so critical to my entire group.

“Dr Ian Wilcock, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments Materials Analysis, added: “The new X-Pulse and X-Auto Autosampler enables our customers to radically change the throughput and efficiency of their research and their process control, by improving the new remote and hybrid autosamplers. I am truly delighted that our team has designed such a configurable and modular benchtop NMR system to meet the ever-widening range of demands from our customers.

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