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How to share someone else’s story on Instagram

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 9, 2022

Instagram stories are a fun way to easily share interesting moments from your day with other people. Some Instagram stories can be so cool that you immediately feel compelled to share them with others.

But does Instagram allow you to do that? We’ll show you how to share someone else’s story with others.

Can you share someone else’s story with yours

You might be tempted to share this funny meme with your Story, but is it possible? The short answer is no. Unless the person who shared the story tagged you, you won’t be able to repost it. Fortunately, a handy workaround will help you fix this problem, which we’ll detail in a later section. Right now we’re going to show you how you can tag someone to your Story on Instagram.

How to tag someone to your story

If you want to tag someone on your Instagram story, here’s how. However, the person you want to tag must follow you for this to happen.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on Android or iPhone.

2nd step: Swipe left on your screen to display the camera view.

Step 3: Take a photo or upload one from your gallery and prepare the story.

Step 4: Now tap anywhere on the story.

Step 5: A few options should appear on the screen, including the @Mention one at the bottom. Press it.

Step 6: Find the friend you want to tag in your story. Tap their profile picture to add them to your story.

Step 7: In this panel, make sure the option “Allow the people you mention to add this to their story?” be lit.

Step 8: Tap Done.

Your friends or followers must tag you and enable the option for others to share their Instagram story.

How to share someone’s story from your account

When someone tags you in their story, you’ll receive a notification as a Direct Message. This is how you can use this direct message to share someone else’s story from your Instagram account.

Step 1: Tap the notification you received. You will be taken to a direct message notifying you that you have been tagged in a story.

2nd step: Tap the “Add to your story” button below, and Instagram will take you to the story composition screen to post it.

How to enable story sharing

If your friends or followers keep telling you that they can’t share your stories, that means you can turn off story sharing. You’ll see the toggle to disable story sharing while you’re creating a story. However, if you’ve disabled story sharing entirely, you can reverse it from the settings. Here we will show you how to enable the option so that others can share your stories.

Step 1: Open your Instagram profile on your phone and tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

2nd step: Select Settings from the menu that appears at the bottom.

Step 3: Go to Privacy.

Step 4: Select History.

Step 5: Scroll down to the Sharing section. Enable the toggles for “Allow sharing in story” and “Allow sharing in messages”.

This last option allows users to share your story with others on the network via direct messages.

How to Share Someone Else’s Story Even If You’re Untagged

Want to share a story you stumbled upon but don’t know the owner and didn’t tag you? There is a workaround, but it’s not neat and doesn’t work for videos. Take a screenshot of the story.

Instagram does not notify users when someone takes a screenshot. The only thing the original story poster will be able to see is that you have seen their story. While this is all very well, users should not abuse this power by using screenshots for nefarious purposes.

After taking a screenshot, you can blur or remove unwanted parts.

Your story will appear as if you’re re-sharing someone else’s story. However, the main difference is that when users tap on a story containing a screenshot, they can’t go directly to the original creator’s profile.

How to send a story to someone else

Another way to share a story you like on Instagram is to send it to your friends via direct messages. It’s not the same as sharing it on your own story, but that way you make sure some followers will be able to see it. Sending someone a story is super easy. However, we should note one thing – you can only send stories from people whose account is set to Public. If you share a story from someone who has set their account visibility to private, none of your friends can see the story unless they follow the original poster.

Step 1: Open a Story on Instagram.

2nd step: Tap the Paper Airplane icon in the lower left corner.

Step 3: Select people from the list and press the send button.

The person should now receive a direct message from you containing the story.

How to send a story outside

If the person you’re trying to show the Story to doesn’t have Instagram, you can share it externally.

Step 1: Open a Story on Instagram.

2nd step: Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Select “Share with” from the menu that appears at the bottom.

Step 4: Select the social app you want to send the Story to.

Remember that the story you’re trying to share must be from a public account. If it is from a private account, no one will be able to see it. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the story and send it to your friend as an image.

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