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How to get a free drinking water sample test in KZN, with results in a week

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 28, 2022

WearCheck water laboratory. (Provided)

  • WearCheck, based in Westville KwaZulu-Natal, is offering residents and businesses affected by recent flooding free access to water sample testing.
  • A water analysis can take about 5-7 days.
  • Free tests will be offered until mid-July to people living in flood-affected areas.
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Free water tests for KZN residents and businesses affected by the devastating KwaZulu-Natal floods are provided by WearCheck.

Moses Lelaka, head of the water testing division of WearChecks, says he is deeply concerned about possible contamination of the water people are currently drinking, which could lead to illness and even death if consumed.

The Westville-based condition monitoring specialist charges around R2,400 per scan. The free services will be available until mid-July.

The purpose of water testing is to help residents determine if the water they drink is safe or usable in their homes.

The company hopes that within the next three months the water supply will have been sorted out, but if not, it will reassess the situation and further determine if water testing services are required.

“We are making a sincere offer to help affected communities around Durban, which stretch from Pietermaritzburg in the west, Tongaat in the north and Scottburgh in the south,” Lelaka added.

Here’s how you can get your water tested…

1. You will need a sterile or clean well-sealed container that can hold 1 liter of water. If you require sample containers, contact their office and an arrangement for collection can be arranged.

water analysis, kzn floods


2. Fill your container with 1 liter of water. WearCheck only needs 1 liter per sample to perform an analysis of your water. They recommend one sample per site of the main distro used.

water analysis, kzn floods


3. Samples can be dropped off at their lab during office hours at No. 4 The Terrace, Westway Office Park, Westville.

water test, kzn floods

(Google Maps)

4. Your water will be SANS 241 tested for drinking water safety.

water analysis, kzn floods

WearCheck Wattrer laboratory. (Provided)

5. Expect results in 5-7 days.

water test, kzn floods


For more information on free water testing, contact WearCheck +27 31 700 5460.

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