• Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Heat warning: parts of Canada expected to reach over 30°C

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jul 21, 2022

Environment Canada has issued heat warnings for a number of provinces, with temperatures expected to reach or exceed 30°C over the next few days.

Heat advisories cover large swaths of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, with residents warned that some areas may not see cooler temperatures until the weekend.

The weather agency reminds people that hot, humid air can also lead to poorer air quality and encourages them to watch for the effects of heat-related illnesses, which include swelling, rashes, cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

The British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety is also warning people to be prepared for a heat wave, releasing a statement that while an extreme heat emergency is not expected, heat warnings are possible. in some areas, starting as early as Saturday and continuing through next week.

Environment Canada says heat in the 20s is expected to reach the south coast and parts of the northern interior by next week, while the Okanagan, central and southeastern British Columbia could see temperatures reaching the 30s during the same period.

The ministry says a heating plan is “essential” and people should identify cool areas in their homes and in nearby community centers or libraries.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on July 21, 2022.