• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

‘Halo’ Head Says Season 2 Will Be a ‘Very Gritty War Story’

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 25, 2022


It’s barely been a day since the first episode of Halo has become available to stream on Paramount Plus, but the show’s main star Pablo Schreiber is already discussing what fans can expect from season two, which is currently in pre-production at Amblin Television and 343 Industries.

In an interview with Deadline to celebrate the start of the long-awaited live-action adaptation, the american gods alum teased that the next series will offer a “very serious” take on the war, with new showrunner David Wiener (Fear the living dead, flesh and boneetc.) aiming above all at “grainy” and “authentic”.

“He wants to make it a very gritty war story that’s for our time,” Schreiber said. “The story already has such scale, it’s so epic and there are so many elements of hope involved in it. That level of authenticity and grittiness is really the key ingredient that I think gives it life.

While the Halo The franchise isn’t particularly bloody in its depiction of war compared to other first-person shooters, the story doesn’t sugarcoat anything when it comes to the brutality of the conflict between humans and the alliance. alien known as the Covenant. And if Schreiber’s words are anything to go by, and they certainly are, next season will seriously portray that barbarism.

Halo received mixed reviews from critics and some people still don’t know what they think of this adaptation, but according to Pablo Schreiber, the fan response has been overwhelming. All things considered, then, the series has so far managed to set up the fictional sci-fi universe.

You can expect the next episode, “Unbound,” to air on March 31.