• Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Future Wonder Woman’s Sidekick Gets DC’s Most Tragic Origin Story

ByRandall B. Phelps

Sep 8, 2022

Warning: spoilers for Wonder Girl 2022 Annual are ahead. In future state, Yara Flor has become DC’s Wonder Woman. Along with its introduction came a new group of Amazons in South America, the Esquecidas, as well as new struggles with the gods of Olympus. Plus, his sidekick and companion Pegasus had a chance to win fans’ hearts – and break them in the case of his origin, which was recently revealed in Wonder Girl 2022 Annual.

Yara Flor became part of DC’s Trinity when she starred alongside Jon Kent and Jace Fox, the future (and current Superman) and future Batman, respectively. Since then, she’s had her own comic book series showcasing her origins, had conflicts with the gods of Olympus, and been part of the Trial of the Amazons an event. Since Yara is a new heroine, having debuted in 2021 for future state, many DC fans may not know her yet. That means his Pegasus sidekick Jerry is probably even less well known. Although he is an animal companion, he has his own tragic story that eventually led him to cross paths with Yara.


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Wonder Girl Annual 2022 has the creative team of Joëlle Jones, Douglas Marques, Emi Lenox, Adriana Melo, Sweeney Boo, Ben Dewey, Jordie Bellaire and Pat Brosseau. The opening pages of this issue focus on Jerry and his life before he met Yara. Pegasi is supposed to gather the lightning bolts of Zeus, but Jerry prefers to fly in the storms the god creates. This leaves him a bit of a misfit, as he is seen by his herd as a phase. However, his phase ends tragically as a young colt tries to follow him – and pays the ultimate price.

After unknowingly inspiring the colt, Jerry is heartbroken to his death and is driven from his herd. This causes him to leave home and, over time, associate with Yara who is also alone and “caught between two worlds”. In many stories, the animal sidekicks don’t have a tragic background like comic book heroes and villains often do. Although some animal sidekick stories may have elements of abandonment and inadequacy, they are rarely as tragic as Jerry’s story. His story isn’t about a friend who is there for him during his hard times or learning to be a hero – it’s the influence he had on others that led to his untimely death. a young Pegasus.

At a glance, Jerry just seems like a typical animal companion for a heroine leading a story. However, there’s a lot more to this Pegasus than meets the eye, so it’ll be exciting to see how his future unfolds as he fights alongside Yara Flor. After all, who would have expected a Pegasus’ origin story to be so heartbreaking since their heroic partner still lives on? The iconic Pegasus of mythology had its most tragic moment with the loss of the hero who tamed it, Bellerophon. However, Yara’s story is incredibly different from this myth, as is Jerry’s. DC coming wonder woman and his trusty sidekick, Jerry, will likely be full of even more surprises as their stories continue into the future.

Wonder Girl 2022 Annual is available now from DC Comics.