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Frank Ocean changing career after Coachella 2023 announcement? IG Story SHOCKS Subscribers

ByRandall B. Phelps

Aug 7, 2022

Frank Ocean entered the realm of sex toys with the launch of an 18-karat diamond-encrusted cock ring. It’s a strange time, as it was just announced that he is the headliner of Coachella 2023. Now is apparently not the right time to confuse fans as to whether he is changing careers or what. After all, being in business takes time and work. The fact that he is now releasing naked to market his toys is proof of how much work it will take.

The “XXXL H-Bone Ring” is the latest accessory from singer Homer’s high-end jewelry brand.

The collection, which also includes pendants, earrings and a keychain, is available for purchase online or at the Homer store by appointment only in New York.

The H-Bone ring is handcrafted from 18k yellow gold with a multitude of channel-set and layered princess-cut diamonds in a “pixelated bone or H-pattern,” and is polished to a brilliant shine. The price is a staggering $25,570.

To sell the cock ring, Ocean posted a nude photo of someone wearing the sex toy on her instagram stories, with their genitals blocked. It is unclear if the individual in the photo is Frank Ocean – some have said it!

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The reactions ranged from funny to shocking. Some can’t believe what they saw when they stumbled upon the artist’s story.

Frank also marketed his new brand by uploading an Instagram photo of himself wearing a black wig and an orange hoodie.

Besides music, he is also busy with a directing project. It’s obvious the entertainer is as busy as it gets before Coachella 2023.

Recently, it was claimed that Frank Ocean was preparing to write and direct his first feature film and was in talks with entertainment giant A24.

According to DiscussingFilm, the film, tentatively named Philly, could begin filming this fall in New Mexico, with production wrapping before 2023. Ocean is collaborating with production company 2AM, which is also planning two more A24 releases: Bodies, Bodies, Bodies , and past lives.

Frank Ocean marked the tenth anniversary of his groundbreaking Channel Orange album by reviving his blonde RADIO and launching a new product line last month.

Ocean released Endless and Blonde in August 2016, but he hasn’t released any albums since then. Last year, he was apparently shopping around for his third album on various labels.

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