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Final Fantasy 16 split into three parts is good for its dark story

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jul 3, 2022

Except delay, Final Fantasy 16 fans have about a year to wait for its release. The recent Final Fantasy 16 The dominance trailer has confirmed its release window for summer 2023, and it’s going to be a really good year for Final Fantasy fans if she and FF7 Rebirth, scheduled for holiday 2023, both hitting next year. The trailer revealed several new details about the game, such as the Eikon battles, but a series of interviews held afterwards gave an even deeper look at the game.


It’s no secret that Final Fantasy 16 features a time jump, as players saw two versions of Clive: one younger, one older. However, it turns out there are two jumps in the game, as Yoshi-P has confirmed that it takes place over three parts of Clive’s life, his teens, twenties and thirties, as revealed in a interview with GameSpot. . Interestingly enough, it’s pretty clear that young Clive is a teenager, but the older Clive seen so far could pass for his 20s or 30s. Some of his life has yet to be shown, but this overall three-way structure is good for the darker turn of the story.

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Final Fantasy 16: Clive’s Pursuit of Revenge is a lifelong quest

In recent years, JRPGs have started to evolve into more mature and darker stories. That’s not to say there haven’t always been serious consequences, but many are framed by hopeful and carefree narratives/protagonists. Final Fantasy 10Tidus is a good example. The shift to darker storytelling is meant to appeal to a more Western audience, and indeed, dark Western-style stories combined with the unique qualities of JRPGs really help a title.

For instance, Tales of Arise is arguably one of the best titles in the franchise, and it brings a lot of Western elements into its JRPG setup. Final Fantasy 16 seems to do the same, and it seems that this dark story is not just a moment in time, but a defining aspect of Clive’s life. Worth mentioning Final Fantasy 15‘s Noctis gets a time skip, but it’s almost endgame. It’s more of a final moment than a constant impact.

Exploring three parts of Clive’s life means that, while the last one happens near the end of the game, those times jump in Final Fantasy 16 are all super important. I hope it’s not just that Clive gets captured, falls asleep for so long, or something of that nature, but there are a lot of directions here. However, they all point to an ultimate end goal.

Since the first Final Fantasy 16 trailer, it’s clear that Clive wants revenge (apparently for Joshua’s death). Regardless, he is drawn into world intrigues, wars, and battles against other Eikons. This means that Clive’s pursuit of that revenge, that power, is not limited but all-encompassing, hopefully bringing home the darkest story.

Final Fantasy 16 releases summer 2023 for PS5.

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Source: GameSpot