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Early RPG Maker Unite Details Confirm Revamped UI, Full HD Support, And More

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 26, 2022

Gotcha Gotcha Games a share the RPG Maker Unite first details, confirming the first block of information for the recently announced DIY RPG engine.

The first RPG Maker in the series that works on Unity!

The RPG Maker series has been released as proprietary and standalone software in the past. Now coming into RPG Maker Unite, slated to launch in 2022, is the latest iteration of the RPG Maker series and is our challenge to re-innovate the Maker series and is built to run on Unity.

Unity is one of the world’s best-known game development engines that has spawned countless games! It is used not only for casual games but also for high-quality AAA commercial titles. While Unity can be used to create games for both 2D and 3D, RPG Maker Unite aims to be one of the options to support 2D RPG creation on Unity.

No programming knowledge required!

RPG Maker Unite, like existing RPG Makers, will support creating your game without a single line of coding!

For those who play a lot of RPG games but have never dived into development, the RPG mechanic might seem simple, but normally it’s insufficient to just think about stories and characters – there are a lot of more complex elements to consider in creating a compelling RPG. game from scratch.

For example, consider a scene in which a character moves around a map in a classic JRPG. From an RPG player’s perspective, a single press of the movement keys would move the character to the desired location. When there is a battle, the screen switches to the battle scene and the enemies are displayed. Players would then choose between certain action commands, select targets, and then launch attacks. The battle ends when the enemy’s health reaches zero.

It all sounds really basic and easy, but if you think about it, the steps to recreating it all from scratch are actually more complicated than most of us would ever imagine:

  1. First you have to tell the computer to display the characters on the screen.
  2. The game also needs to know when and what graphics to use to make the character appear to be walking, in accordance with the movement keys entered.
  3. The probability rate of random encounters must be calculated for each step taken.
  4. When a fight occurs, all computing resources switch to be more dedicated to the fight. This includes not only displaying the enemy, but also processing character action input, determining attack success rates, calculating damage, and determining if the enemy has been wiped out.

We’re just talking about a classic RPG and there are already far too many mechanics to list here!

To make RPG creation easier, RPG Maker Unite comes with a complete RPG system base, just like other Maker series. You can make the character you envision work in your game simply by creating an image of the character and entering numerical values ​​for the character’s abilities.

With RPG Maker Unite, not only can you create games without any programming knowledge, but creators’ wasted time spent building basic mechanics could now be spent on more creative areas, such as story and graphics. !

Easy implementation of in-game events via event commands

Of course, game development isn’t just about creating systems. It’s also important to show the events of the game in an endearing way, through realistic dialogue that expresses the story you’ve created and effects to enhance the mood of the scenes!

The image above is a function called “event commands”. Simply select controls to display text or simulate various screen effects. You don’t have to write difficult descriptions the same way you don’t have to write difficult code. Simply choose the content you want to display in-game from the event controls, then fill in the items the system prompts you for, and the rest can be left to RPG Maker Unite!

With these visually-based game production mechanics, you can create your own systems and screen effects by simply combining a variety of event commands! Once you learn how it works, you can start mixing various commands to create something beyond RPG games, like visual novel, 2D action and even strategy games!

A new, evolved editor with long-term production in mind

Now, with all of that said, the RPG Maker series’ ease of use for developers of any experience level has always been its well-known selling point over the past 30 years. So let’s dive into some of the new RPG Maker Unite features and changes that current Maker fans are hungry for!

For starters, RPG Maker Unite now places more emphasis on the “quality of life” of long-term development. With this in mind, we have radically redesigned the user interface to maximize user productivity.

Current users of RPG Maker titles would quickly recognize from our Steam Store page that the “modal window” UI approach has now been totally replaced. For those unfamiliar with the term, a “modal window” user interface emphasizes a strict hierarchical structure and operation between parent and child windows for editing settings and functionality.

In simpler terms, when you open a child window by clicking a button on the parent window, all operations on the parent window are locked until you first close the child window.

Above is an example of a child window from the past RPG Maker, showing a typical database window for character editing. Until you are done with this window, you cannot modify anything in the parent window (the map editor).

Some may think this looks outdated, but there are design considerations and benefits to using it. In the context of the old RPG Maker, we wanted to make sure newbies weren’t overwhelmed with the amount of information by asking users to prioritize one objective at a time, instead of flying out of the window editing multiple items simultaneously. The easy-to-understand nature and step-by-step approach of the modal window UI was one of the reasons why the RPG Maker series is often selected as the first go-to engine for young developers.

However, as the user’s skills and familiarity with the software increase, the modal window’s lack of ability to change multiple elements at once severely limits the speed at which experienced users can create a game. The charms of a beginner-friendly user interface and user experience suddenly turn into a curse, which reduces productivity.

Of course, we are aware of that. Therefore, this time with RPG Maker Unite, the UI and UX (user experience) have been significantly revamped into a more modern, “modeless window” approach. Here we try to retain as much of the usability of old RPG Makers as possible, while giving users full access to everything simultaneously via tabs. The new UI should provide a much nicer user experience, especially for those with ambitious plans in mind!

At first, this complete change in UI style might seem a bit odd to Maker veterans and overwhelming to newbies. However, due to the much higher computer literacy of today’s general public, we have observed how quickly young and avid RPG Maker users turn into veterans. Ultimately, we think these style changes would be welcome and also beneficial for particularly large projects! In the meantime, we are also thinking of ways to help guide beginners as much as possible!

The first RPG creator in the series to natively support FHD resolution

Here’s another long-awaited change coming to fruition: native Full HD resolution support! This would be a first for the RPG Maker series!

As our example map shows, this would allow for much greater creative freedom to allow for sharper, more vivid, and more colorful graphics than ever before! It’s time to make your creation more immersive to draw players into your world!

Here’s a little close-up of the sample map. The woods and water are much more natural and beautiful than ever. The color gradients as seen in artificial objects such as mug glasses are also much more detailed than in the past!

Naturally, the benefit of higher resolution also extends to battles! Battle graphics can now have much sharper colors and detailed expressions that players can see!

As most of us often say, “The devil is in the details”, games are no exception either. Make good use of the added details to make your RPG game more believable!

Rich assets by default and more features under development!

Much like previous titles, RPG Maker Unite would feature a rich stash of default assets. This is especially useful for those who think illustration is not their forte! As usual, all you need to do is select from the list of characters you like, change some tweaks and settings, and voila, your original characters are born!

RPG Maker Unite launches worldwide later in 2022 via To smoke and the Unity asset store.