• Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Dry conditions will continue before the next meteorologist arrives

ByRandall B. Phelps

Sep 19, 2022

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) – It was a beautiful day on the West Rim where most places saw plenty of sunshine and conditions remained dry. A robust high pressure system is one of the reasons we saw clear skies. Although the conditions have not changed from yesterday to today, it is the temperatures that have changed. Grand Junction saw the biggest change from Montrose. Grand Junction had a high of 77 yesterday and hit a high of 86 today. Montrose from yesterday to today only rose a few degrees in the mid 80s.

By tonight it will be like last night, with, again, temperatures up a few degrees. Grand Junction will be at a low of 59 while Montrose will be at 54. Clear skies will remain over the western slope.

Tomorrow we start a new working week, and it will be very similar results to today. Although temperatures will only rise a few degrees at Grand Junction and Montrose, conditions will remain dry and clear skies will remain.

By Tuesday, that’s where our next meteorologist will arrive on the western slope. The following system pattern will begin with the formation of cloud cover in the valleys in the afternoon. Our higher elevations will receive scattered showers and thunderstorms during this time. It will only expand on the western slope as the day progresses towards the evening hours, when our valleys will begin to receive scattered showers.

On Wednesday, the system will continue to impact the western slope but will only get stronger. Widespread scattered showers will occur throughout the day on the western slopes. Towards the afternoon, much of this system will bring heavy and heavy precipitation to the higher elevations. The valleys will begin to receive scattered showers in the evening, with the heaviest precipitation overnight. Wednesday will be the best day to receive the most rain from this system.

The same story will apply by Thursday, but it will focus more on higher elevations. Although the valleys may still receive a few scattered showers in the afternoon and evening, they will not be as heavy as Wednesday. By nighttime hours, most of the system will have pushed out of the western slope while continuing to impact higher elevations as it heads northeast.

During these three days of precipitation, temperatures will begin to drop. On Tuesday, temperatures will drop into the lower 80s before dropping to the mid 70s for Grand Junction. These temperatures will then hover around the mid 70s through the start of the weekend before rising back into the upper 70s.

By Friday, dry conditions will return on the western slope and clear skies will do the fighting. Then the sun will come back, and this will continue until the weekend.

Meteorologist Chris Guevara