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Designer Karan Torani explains why his collections have a story behind them

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 31, 2022

Is it the scent of Indian roses in the air falling wistfully on the streets of Delhi in the spring or the dewdrops on the grass like icicles at dawn that make this city unique in the world? There is a bittersweet sense of nostalgia in every corner of Delhi that holds memories and stories of a bygone era, painted with urban anecdotes that somehow blend without interfering with the settings. past. It is in the midst of fond lost memories that designer Karan Torani helps us relive those happy days through his fashion brand – Torani. It is also against the backdrop of his art of storytelling through his designs that he successfully opened the doors of his flagship store in the posh locality of Mehrauli – Delhi’s wedding mall. Dressed in fragrant flowers above her open courtyard leading to her stunning new store which houses some of her best designs from collections such as ‘Sindhi Tent House’, ‘Jhooley’ and ‘Chaap Tilak’, this store opening was as inviting as the invitation itself. Karan Torani, the man behind the magic, tells us about how personal ideas and family history drive him to create something fabulous out of mere material memory.

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Designer Karan Torani at the launch of his new flagship store

1. You have created a reference in fashion in such a short time, what advice would you give to the new generation of designers?

Karan Torani: Tell an honest story and stick to it. Find purpose and meaning in design so that you and your designs will be remembered long after you’re gone.

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2. You stick to the classics when everyone seems to be in this mad dash of trend hunting, why do you think it’s so necessary right now?

Karan Torani: It is important to remember where we come from. As a design philosophy, Torani always follows the path of timelessness. The idea of ​​reviving our past and recapturing the beauty of what was once forgotten has always been my desire. It’s like reading the poetry of Gulzaar Saheb with a cup of chai on a winter’s evening or listening to the infamous ghazals of Mehdi Hassan Saheb; We never have enough.

3. What is your all-time favorite ethnic fashion trend?

Karan Torani: A transparent white saree with red roses in the hair. Indian glamor at its finest.

4. Play of colors or neutral tones of whites and beiges, what is Karan Torani’s stylistic language?

Karan Torani: If I could, I would only make clothes in ivory tones. There is a humble richness in this color. It kind of defines my expression of timeless elegance. It’s glamorous but stays away from an overtly opulent statement.


Karan Torani’s love of tonal white ensembles on display

Small steps have a huge impact, Karan Torani telling stories of nostalgic wonder through his designs is no different.

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