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Co Antrim man exploring forgotten parts of NI goes viral on TikTok

ByRandall B. Phelps

May 1, 2022

TikTok has become the go-to app for almost everything these days – whether you’re looking for food reviews, date ideas or style recommendations, the video sharing app has you covered.

A Co Antrim man and his friends decided to use the platform to allow others to join them on their adventures across the country.

Jamie Robinson, 22, @jamierob2 on TikTok, from Greenisland in County Antrim has found himself digging into the ‘abandoned and forgotten’ aspects of Northern Ireland during lockdown.

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Now, with millions of likes and views later on the video-sharing app, Jamie has given people a wanderlust and nostalgia fix they may never have known they had. need.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Jamie said: “During the lockdown when everything was closed there wasn’t really much to do and I think I saw someone on Snapchat exploring somewhere and I thought I’d just go check it out to see what it was.

“I found it really interesting and I guess it all started from there.

“I go to places that people might remember going to when they were kids that aren’t there anymore – places that we remember going to in our homes, so it’s a weird but interesting thing to see at what it looks like now compared to what it once was.”

He says that when exploring the older and more run-down places, there can often be a creepy or eerie atmosphere.

“Some places feel like there’s something with you – you can feel it in the air,” he added.

At the suggestion of a friend, Jamie jumped into the world of TikTok to take people on adventures with him and show what he was exploring and found interesting.

He continued: “I didn’t even download the TikTok app and someone said they were about to download one there. I ended up downloading a few and it went crazy.

“One of the first ones had about 4.1 million views and that kind of started it all – you get the buzz and the excitement when something explodes like that.

“Because everything went so well, you get a lot of word of mouth from people suggesting places to go and we get a lot of suggestions that people don’t really know about.”

With nearly 75,000 subscribers, 1.4 million likes and views totaling tens of millions, Jamie says the app he knew nothing about has grown into a big community where he’s been able to meet other creators sharing tips. and ideas with similar interests.

“We’ve traveled all over Northern Ireland and places like Donegal, Dundalk, Dublin and at the minute we’re considering heading to England.”

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