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Check with answers, question paper format | CBSE Board Exams 2021-22

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jan 25, 2022

Check and download the Term 2 CBSE Board Class 12 Biotechnology Sample Paper in PDF Format below. Class 12 students would find the sample CBSE documents helpful in their preparation for the CBSE Board Exam 2022

The CBSE Board has released the sample papers for Class 12 Board Exams 2022. Biotechnology students can download the sample paper in PDF format at the end of this article and also find some important questions in the article below.

Also check the grading scheme, questions format of the CBSE 12th Term 2 Biotechnology paper below. The sample papers are useful for students to get to know the sample paper and be better prepared for the exam.


CBSE Class 12 Sample Documents 2021-22 [Term 2] Published with answers and CBSE marking scheme: Download PDF

Term 2 – CBSE Syllabus Class 12th Accountancy: CBSE Board Exams 2022 – Download the PDF!

Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Biotechnology Syllabus 2022: CBSE Board Exam 2022

CBSE Term 2 Class 12th Biotechnology Sample Paper 2022: Scoring Scheme and Paper Size

The maximum marks for the exam would be 35 and the time allotted would be 2 hours. The questionnaire would be divided into three sections and all questions would be mandatory.

The headings are as follows:

Section A would contain 6 questions of 2 points each

Section B has 6 questions of 3 points each

Section C has various case-based questions of 5 points each.

There is no global choice like all other papers but internal choices are available.

CBSE Term 2 Class 12th Biotechnology Sample Paper 2022: Questions and Answers

Q. Why is r-HUEPO preferred over blood transfusion in cases where a person has excessive blood loss due to accidents?

Rep. No donor required for transfusion, no transfusion facility, no risk of transfusion related infection

Q. Differentiate between primary and secondary animal cell cultures.

Rep. Maintaining cell growth under laboratory conditions in an appropriate culture medium is known as primary cell culture. The primary cell culture is subcultured in fresh growth medium to grow secondary cultures.

Q. Sterile seeds can form in crosses between distant plants. What could be the reason for this and how can it be overcome?

Rep. a. Abnormal endosperm development causes premature death of the hybrid embryo and leads to sterile seeds.

b. The embryo from such sterile hybrid seeds can be excised at an appropriate time and cultured on an appropriate nutrient medium to produce a new hybrid.

Q. Pichia pastoris has many advantages as a eukaryotic expression host. Justify by giving two reasons.

Rep. a. It has strong inducible promoters.

b. It is able to make post-translational modifications similar to those made by human cells.

vs. Downstream processing is simpler because Pichia does not secrete its own proteins into the fermentation medium.

Q. Patients receiving OKT3 do not experience acute renal allograft rejection. Why?

Rep. T lymphocytes play a major role in the rejection of foreign grafts and are therefore responsible for the rejection of kidney grafts.

OKT3 is a monoclonal antibody that targets CD3 surface markers (antigens) present on mature T cells and removes them from circulation, thereby preventing acute renal allograft rejection.

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