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Ben Stiller, Maker Dan Erickson on the “Severance” finale and plans for season 2

ByRandall B. Phelps

Apr 10, 2022

After quickly becoming one of the hottest new shows of the current year, Apple TV+’s Severance concluded this week with a cliffhanger finale that’s sure to leave fans with plenty of questions.

At a finale celebration in Los Angeles for the show on Friday, the cast and director answered some of them, while hinting that there will be more to come.

“I’m glad people seem to really like this episode because I was really freaked out they were just going to be bowled over by the cliffhanger part,” creator Dan Erickson conceded in a chat with the board at opportunity.

“We tried to do something that gave us some accomplishments, some grains of joy, but also paves the way for a variety of new roads that we will take. It’s fun to wonder how the events of this episode change the world and change the game for each of the characters and how they currently have to contend with that.

The sci-fi show, starring Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, Britt Lower, John Turturro and Zach Cherry, follows an organization that precisely divides the work and individual lives of its staff, which begins to unravel throughout of the primary season.

Erickson, a first-time essayist, thought of the idea after working on a progression of horrible office occupations, and when Ben Stiller read the content five years ago, the two collaborated to completely make the reality show, with Stiller coordinating and executive delivery.

“We generally knew what it would have been like and had to believe that everyone had put enough into the characters that this ending towards the end took on a ton of the association that the crowd has with these characters,” explained Stiller at the Hollywood Journalist. regarding the making of the final episode, as he and Erickson currently have most of the following season outlined.

About the composition of season two, he said, “It was really amazing to be in this interaction as the show came out in light of the fact that I feel like the response from the crowd at the show lights up the show and it is essential to know the thing individuals respond to.

Erickson added of their current discussions of what’s coming up right away: “You start to see what individuals react to, what they like.

There are certain characters who said a lot more toughness than we naturally suspected or a lot more warmth than we thought, so you generally have to make sure that whatever people love about your show that you buy and sponsor it and reward people who have given their affection to the show.

When it comes to a Season 2 appearance for Stiller, who said he got involved with his new change in coordination and delivery, but “plans to start playing again”?

“The sky is the limit,” he insisted.

For Arquette, who approved the show to team up with Stiller after they left Dannemora, she doesn’t ask many questions about what the future holds for next season.

“I told them not to tell me. Do I die immediately, three shells in it? Try not to tell me, I’d rather not give it my all,” she joked on the mat, after making sense of her underlying discussions with Stiller and Erickson about the business.

“Everything they answered prompted 40 more questions, and I started descending into the Lumon wormhole.

You could walk away and say, “I’d rather not go down to this hell,” but I was like, “Okay, we should get there.”

We should take this hell down together!’ »

After the screening, which was held at the DGA Theater, the Severance band (minus Scott, who missed the opportunity after testing positive for coronavirus) jumped in for a conversation led by Judd Apatow, who joked in saying that in times of content overload, “it’s worth watching 10,000 hours of poo to see a show like this.

During the council, the gathering talked about the difficulties filming during the pandemic and plans for season two past, with Erickson noting, “We had to think about it in a way where it could very well be two seasons or very well maybe seven seasons, so we tried to do something that included some interior adaptability.

I have like 19 seasons arranged. 20 seasons or forget it.

The creators also discussed focusing on factions, religions, and organizations for motivation. Stiller joked, “the corporate culture with the religious part is fascinating on the show because it’s really hybrid to what a lot of people experience in these big partnerships – not Apple, but rather different associations.” Apatow chimed in, “Not Apple. Google, bad dream at Google.

“It tries to be a show that tells the story of workers and individuals who have had occupations like this and have felt somehow belittled by their situation and their plot in this particular entrepreneurial setting. for which we are all important,” added Erickson. “Ideally, they can basically see their story told here and see some of their battles expressed and understood.”