• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Author MJ Sperling’s new book “Pipeline” is a gripping story of love and obsession for a young woman torn between two men with opposing visions of the future

Lori Sperling, daughter of the late MJ Sperling, originally from Oregon and passionate about writing, has published her mother’s book “Pipeline”: a gripping and powerful story that turns pages to astonishing conclusion.

“Pipeline” is set in Alaska and portrays the conflicts between dedicated environmentalists concerned about Alaska’s future and opportunistic tankers who only care about building a nine hundred mile pipeline through the unparalleled magnificent wilderness of the United States. ‘Alaska.

The novel centers on a beautiful young woman named Laura and the two men who love her: Matt and Seth. The three face the problems and consequences of Alaska, the last wilderness.

Matt is a ruggedly handsome, forty-year-old stubborn individualist working as a repairman for the oil tankers. Women are sensually drawn to him and men tend to respect his authority.

Seth is a journalist and native of Alaska, a character à la Ralph Nader, around twenty-five years old. Rich, intelligent and leader of the Pikes, a dedicated environmental group concerned with the future of Alaska.

Laura is the young beauty. Troubled in her youth, she left her hometown of Montana to seek romance in Alaska.

The narrative motivation for this novel lies in the antagonistic personalities of Matt and Seth, as different in makeup and character as their perceptions of Alaska. Seth is an advocate of the environment in his ideals, wanting to protect Alaska, its beauty and its natural resources. Matt has excelled throughout his life with his intelligence and his gutsy ambitions. He sees the state’s chance to open up to tankers and is determined to gain the power and wealth involved in the operation of building the Alaska pipeline.

A power struggle ensues between the Pikes and the opportunists over the infamy of the pipeline, the infiltration of aliens and aversion to the specter of Alaska becoming a concrete domain laden with billboards and of rubbish.

Published by Page Publishing, MJ Sperling’s captivating book is an excellent choice for readers who are passionate about realistic fiction.

Readers who wish to explore this compelling work can purchase “Pipeline” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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