• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

A letter using the man’s life story instead of the address arrives at the right house

A letter that was sent in an envelope covered with a Man’s Life Story instead of his address got to exactly the right place.

The sender was clearly not sure which number the man lived in, his street, or even the neighborhood.

Feargal Lynn told BelfastLive it was like “seeing my life on an envelope” when the letter arrived at his house.

Speaking to Twitter, Feargal wrote: “Warm applause to @RoyalMail Cushendall and Ballymena for being able to deliver this letter to me today had a well-deserved laugh! … They had the first name, the village where I grew up and half the zip code… the rest is more like the story of my life!

The full description of Feargla’s address reads: “Feargal, lives across the road from the Spar, his mother and father owned it, his mother was Mary and Da Joseph, moved to Waterfoot after getting married, played guitar and ran nightclubs in the church hall and hotel in the 80’s. Friends with the guy also run the butchers at Waterfoot.

Feargal said: “I decided last year to write handwritten letters after a singer / songwriter friend Hannah Scott wrote a song called The Letter about maintaining the art of writing letters. .

“I wrote to a friend over Christmas whom I had known all my life during summer vacation and I did not put my address on the letter – that was her response.

“It was like seeing my life on an envelope.”