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Weather in Ireland: Met Eireann predicts stunning conditions from today and lists rooms for heat of 20C or more

ByRandall B. Phelps

May 13, 2022

Ireland is set for glorious weather today which will continue for the rest of the weekend before things take a turn.

Met Eireann forecast a mini heat wave to hit the country over the next few days as temperatures hit highs of 20 degrees with plenty of sunny spells.

The Midlands and West will see the best conditions, with maximum temperatures most likely to be reached in these areas. However, it will be slightly cooler in coastal areas.

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Things will take a turn on Monday, with the likelihood of a storm hitting Ireland.

People pictured enjoying the sunshine at Fortyfoot, Sandycove Dublin

A forecaster said: “Still uncertainty around a potential storm from Monday to Tuesday. Latest charts continue to show uncertainty in the storm’s track. However, all keep the worst of the storm in the Atlantic .”

Here is a more detailed look at the Met Eireann forecast.

Friday May 13

A rather cloudy start for many with a few showers in the northwest. It will become a little brighter in the east of the country and any lingering showers will die out in the afternoon.

Sunny periods will develop during the day with high temperatures of 16-19 degrees and gusty westerly winds.

On Friday evening, clear periods will develop in many parts of the east of the country, but they will remain cloudy in the west.

Westerly winds will ease overnight, allowing patches of mist and fog to form, mainly to the south.

Lowest overnight temperatures 5-9 degrees, coolest in the southeast.

Saturday May 14

Any lingering fog patches will dissipate quickly, but a mostly cloudy morning will remain. However, some sunny intervals will develop around the afternoon, and our highs will reach 16 to 19 degrees with light winds.

Long sunny spells Saturday evening with a few patches of fog forming in light breezes. An isolated downpour could drift from the Irish Sea and affect some eastern counties.

Lowest temperatures 5-8 degrees in light east or northeast breezes.

Sunday May 15

Long periods of warm sunshine are expected on Sunday, with just the slight chance of a few showers developing in the west on Sunday afternoon.

High temperatures of 17-20 degrees generally but a little cooler on the coasts as the sea breezes develop.

Mainly dry early Sunday evening with sunny spells and lows of 9-12 degrees. However, rain will develop in the southwest before dawn on Monday.

Monday May 16

Rain in the southwest will spread rapidly north across the country on Monday, becoming heavy in places with a few thundery showers possible.

Drier and brighter conditions will spread from the south later in the day. A humid day with highs of 16-19 degrees in cool southeast breezes

Dry for a while Monday evening, but another bout of rain will push in from the south later in the night, and it will become quite windy.

Lowest temperatures 9 to 12 degrees in cool to strong southeasterly winds.

tuesday may 17

A wet day on Tuesday with spurts of rain from the south.

Rain will reach all parts of the country during the day with strong southerly winds as well. Maximum temperatures of 16 to 19 degrees.

Wednesday May 18

Early indications for Wednesday are that it will be somewhat choppy with rain, possibly heavy at times moving across the country with strong, gusty winds from the south.

Temperatures remain in the mid-1930s.

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