• Wed. May 25th, 2022

Vegan 2022: Delicious on-the-go treats to enjoy at Newcastle’s inventive independents

The start of the New Year has long been touted as an opportunity to consider your lifestyle choices and make positive changes to your diet or exercise program.

The charity “Veganuary” has seized on this idea and encourages people to try a vegan lifestyle for the first month of the year since 2014.

Participation has more than doubled each year, according to the group behind the annual challenge, as more people want to reap the reported benefits of a plant-based diet.

While some people are constrained by moral arguments, others are drawn to the environmental benefit of reducing meat and dairy consumption, as studies show that vegan diets tend to have carbon footprints, water and ecological much inferior to those of meat or fish eaters. .

Whatever your reason for attending Veganuary, or even if you’re just trying to eat less meat overall, there is a thriving vegan scene in Newcastle that you can enjoy.

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Whether you’re craving pizza or craving a donut, there are plenty of great independent companies out there offering vegan alternatives.

Since there is still uncertainty about whether new Covid measures will be introduced in the new year, the Chronicle has put together a list of local vegan takeouts to keep you on track until January.

Karma Cuisine Cafe

Karma Kitchen offers delicious North Indian vegan cuisine right on your doorstep.

Launched by two sisters and their mother as chef de cuisine, the team has built an excellent reputation for preparing plant-based delicacies from local ingredients.

On the menu you will find dishes like mango curry with homemade vegan paneer kofta, seitan puddina and tofu saag.

And for the foodie, why not try the trios of pastry delicacies, like a rose and pistachio cake pot or handmade Indian donuts.

They deliver from 4pm Monday through Sunday to NE1-NE8, but may “occasionally” deliver to postcodes outside this range.


The Veganizza team are dedicated to providing a meatless alternative to one of the UK’s most popular take-out options.

Based at Pizza Punks on Gray Street, their hand-made sourdough pizzas use tasty, cruelty-free ingredients, encouraging positive change “one slice at a time.”

They offer hot delivery as well as home baking options, with cheese made from cashews, almond milk, and a little nutritional yeast.

Some of the pizzas on offer include: truffled mushrooms and Tuscan “sausage”, red bell pepper and roasted eggplant and pumpkin cream and beetroot.

Orders can be placed through the website or on Deliveroo, and are available from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. within a five-mile radius of Newcastle City.

Sun of Seitan

Vegan traders Sun of Seitan set out to show that barbecue doesn’t have to mean charred patties or doorstep-sized hot dogs.

The team offers sizzling succulence across the northeast, in the form of seitan kebab wraps and street favorites such as sticky ‘ribs’, buffalo wings and no-quack duck.

They deliver throughout the region to Newcastle, Gateshead, County Durham, Sunderland, South Shields, Jarrow and Hexham.

All food comes in ‘cook at home’ packs to ensure you get the hottest and freshest food possible, or if you are located in Gateshead or Low Felling they can be delivered pre-made to your location. gate.

More information can be found on the website.

Big hippo

Independent burger restaurant Fat Hippo has been winning over Newcastle customers since it opened in 2010.

Known for its original flavors and large “dirty” burgers, the restaurant has grown to cover several locations in the North and Midlands.

Less well known, perhaps, is the wide array of vegan “junk food” available on Fat Hippo’s menu.

Options include dirty vegan waffle fries, vegan frickles, ‘five lies’ imitation beef burger, ‘faux harlem’ imitation chicken burger, and many more.

Meals are available for pickup at the City Center or Jesmond Restaurant, or they can be delivered to your door via Deliveroo.

One of Fat Hippo’s vegan offerings – The VFC


If you’re looking for something warm and winter to get through the January blues, Magpye is a must-try.

The team creates luxury plant-based pies from scratch, with “quality, ethically sourced ingredients”.

The team started serving hearty portions of pie, mash and peas on the banks of the River Tyne from a converted van, and now deliver direct to homes in the North East.

They offer unique versions of British classics, with toppings such as chicken and balti, or plant-based ground meat and onions.

Delivered fresh and frozen to guarantee impeccable quality, the pies are perfect to keep in the freezer on a windy day.


The Vegano food truck started life as a frequent visitor to the Quayside Market, before growing into a bustling business in Newcastle city center.

The menu includes mouth-watering baked camembert, pasta carbonara, “dirty doner” kebabs and juicy “chkn” burgers, as well as delicious non-dairy desserts.

This ‘fast food with a conscience’ is available for sale at the restaurant in Blandford Square, with last orders at 8:45 p.m.

The Vegano food truck
The Vegano food truck

Solar health

If the health benefits of a plant-based diet are what attracted you to Veganuary, but still want the convenience that a take-out offers, then Sunn Health is a fantastic option.

The little sister of the favorite Little Green Social of vegans in the Northeast, Sunn Health is a one-stop-shop for plant-based meal prep, healthy snacks and supplements, delivered right to your door.

The team behind the company offers free wellness advice and nutritional advice, and ensures that their creative meals are always prepared with fresh, seasonal whole foods.

Nutrient-rich dishes can be sent to your doorstep, so visit the website or instagram for the latest details on their menu and delivery options.


‘Glazed’ is Newcastle’s very first vegan donut store, with units in High Heaton and, more recently, Grainger Market.

Customers helped raise £ 2,000 to turn the owner’s dream of opening a store in the city center into reality, and the business has been booming ever since.

Some of the plant-based donuts available include biscoff, gingerbread creme brulee, and strawberry sparkle.

A frozen vegan donut
A frozen vegan donut

They have offered delivery to NE2, NE3, NE6, NE7, NE8, NE12, NE28 and NE29 in the past, and collections are also available.

Details can be found on the team the Facebook page.

Grace’s vegan pastries

Baker Geordie Grace makes vegan brownies, cookies, biscoff bars, tiffins and birthday cakes for hungry customers in the Northeast.

Her promise is that you “won’t even know they’re vegan” because she believes “dietary restrictions shouldn’t mean you can’t have delicious treats.”

You can either collect his sweets or have them delivered to you – information is available on the site website.

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