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Toy Story’s Incredibly Dark Theory Says Toys Are Secretly Vampires

ByRandall B. Phelps

May 8, 2022

A dark theory suggests that Toy Story toys owe their longevity to a secret vampiric nature – and it’s a lot more convincing than it sounds.

A dark toy story the theory claims the Pixar franchise’s toys are actually secretly vampires, and its wider implications make it oddly compelling. the toy story the films have been entertaining audiences for nearly three decades, and much of their appeal lies in the family-friendly simplicity of their premise: what if the toys were secretly alive? The four-film franchise (with a fifth spin-off origin story, Light yearon the way) mostly follows a group of toys that initially belong to Andy (and later Bonnie) as they struggle to adjust to their owners’ growth and the introduction of exciting new toys that threaten to upset them. make obsolete.

The general implication of the film stories is that toy storyToys are immortal. Some characters, such as Woody and Jessie, turn out to be merchandise for an old TV show, implying that they are at least several decades old. toy story 2 also establishes that toys can be restored by humans, thus making them immortal under the right circumstances. However, a clever theory dives deeper into how toys manage to enjoy such a long lifespan.

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The theory, passed on by director Josh Cooley (via Digital Spy) posits that toy storyToys are immortal because they possess a vampiric nature. However, instead of blood, toy storyToys feed on the happiness of children, which means that it is their owners who ensure that they last a long time. The theory would explain a number of unanswered questions about toys’ loyalty to their owners and the fear of being forgotten, which would provide a surprisingly compelling explanation of how they can survive their owners and why they have to move on. thing once their children grow up.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear pose for a photo in Toy Story.

A recurring theme throughout the toy story movies is the fear of toys not being liked or being played with. Consistent with the theory, this is because they actually need to bring joy to their owner in order to survive, making their loyalty and continued relevance a matter of survival. At first glance, the idea that toy story’Toys being passed on to other children after their owner has grown too old to enjoy them seems like a sweet message about sharing with others, but the theory reframes it as the only way to keep toys alive.

However, the idea that toy storyThe toys of are vampires have other implications. If they live on the joy of children, it implies that they could die if deprived of it. Like toy story is a family franchise, it is unlikely to kill its toys, but theoretically its dead toys would be indistinguishable from its living toys to their owners. This creates the possibility that toy storyWoody and Buzz are forced to exist alongside their fallen and forgotten friends, who are constantly reminded of what happens to toys that don’t do their job.

Of course the toy story The vampire toy theory likely won’t become canon, as its dark implications don’t match the tone of the franchise. However, it’s incredibly plausible thanks to the way toy story left many elements of its toy sensibility ambiguous and fits into the franchise’s overall narrative. While the idea that Woody and Buzz maintain their own immortality by feeding off the joy of children doesn’t fit toy storyoverall tone, the theory itself is surprisingly compelling.

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