• Fri. May 20th, 2022

The exact date of the hot weather forecast will end from the Met Office with parts of the UK warmer than Ibiza

Parts of the country will be warmer than IBIZA as the UK basks in a mild spell of heat. The UK braces for highs in the upper teens as sunshine provides the country with a period of dry and mild conditions.

Birmingham will see highs of 15C on Friday, but the mercury will reach even higher in London and parts of the south east and south west. In fact, the capital could sizzle in 16°C heat, making it hotter than parts of the Balearic Islands.

The Met Office says sunshine will be the predominant feature of Birmingham’s weather until Sunday March 27. The mercury will hit 16C in Ibiza today, making it as hot as London.

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The Met Office has released a brief weather summary for Friday. It reads: “The fog and low clouds are steadily dissipating to allow plenty of sunshine in many areas and feel quite warm.

“Becoming windy in the north and later in the extreme south.” In Birmingham, meteorologists promised: a cold but bright start with a legacy of cloud here and there, some decent sunny spells developing in the early afternoon. Feeling warm, especially in the sun.”

The Met Office’s Claire Nasir told the Mirror earlier that it was likely to be “really hot” this weekend. “Temperatures are on the rise over the next few days, you can see here most places will be nice and dry with beautiful sunshine,” she continued.

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