• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Snow filmed falling over Dorset as a thunderstorm is forecast for parts of the UK

Snow was filmed falling over Dorset amid dramatic “thunderstorm” warnings for parts of the UK.

Areas of North Dorset currently have a yellow weather warning in place and temperatures are expected to drop across the region this weekend.

On top of that a “thunderstorm” warning is in place across Scotland and Northern Ireland, up to 10cm of snowfall. Weather maps from WXCharts show that this “stormy snow” system will move south Friday afternoon around 3pm, melting at 9am Saturday morning.

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Here in Dorset, Twitter account Snow dorset managed to film the moment a flurry of snow passed through the north of the county.

The weather expert, known as Dorset Snow, posts regular weather updates around the county and took a walk today (January 7) to catch the flurry of snow.

They described the moment as “satisfying” and gave them a “big smile” to see the snowflakes fall to the ground, also joking that reaching the top of the hill was a struggle.

In a tweet, they wrote, “Back home now. It was incredibly satisfying and gave me a big smile, but in an ideal world you shouldn’t have to climb a hill on the other side of the county to see snowflakes. in the middle of winter.

“I almost fell on my stomach on the way down too.”

Snow has occurred in rural Dorset and could be a sign that the weather is starting to get much cooler after experiencing milder Christmas temperatures.

It comes after a flurry of snow was filmed falling in Milton Abbas on Tuesday, January 4, as the cameraman joked that it was “even better than the blossoming rain”.

Temperatures have dropped throughout this week, with the Met Office reporting highs of just 4C in parts of Dorset.

The Met Office yellow weather warning is in place from 3:30 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. and covers areas of North Dorset including Sturminster Newton, Sherborne, Shaftesbury and Gillingham.

The warning states that “icy surfaces are possible for some time Friday evening and overnight which can lead to potentially difficult conditions.

“What to Expect – Probably patches of ice forming on some untreated roads, sidewalks and cycle paths

“Where it happens, an increased likelihood of accidents or injuries.”

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