• Fri. May 20th, 2022

Recent flooding is impacting Sydney’s water supply in Picton, Bargo and other parts of Wollondilly | Mercury of Illawarra

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Recent flooding has compromised parts of the water system around Wollondilly, although the public can be assured the water is still safe to drink. On Monday, Sydney Water was telling people in areas like Picton, Bargo, Tahmoor, The Oaks and Thirlmere to reduce their water use for the next few days as the recent deluge had caused delays in water treatment. “The extreme weather conditions of the past week posed significant challenges to our water treatment systems,” a spokesperson said on Twitter. Read more: ‘Our Roads Have Been Destroyed’: Illawarra Politicians Call For Flood Funding Than Usual’ To Clean Up Raw Water Through Nepean Water Filtration Plant, which serves the Wollondilly region. A spokeswoman confirmed that the mercury water was still safe to drink, they were just asking some customers to be careful with the water as the treatment plant was struggling to keep up with the large volume of water that needed to be cleaned of sediment, when it was likely to be only for a few days. “The extreme rainfall has deposited a large amount of sediment in our raw water supply (raw water is the water that enters our dams),” the Sydney Water website states. “These sediments limit our ability to produce enough high-quality drinking water, and we need to make the best use of available drinking water until raw water quality improves…We need to conserve potable water and use it only for essential purposes while we manage the impacts on raw water quality resulting from torrential rains and flooding.” The organization is asking residents of Wollondilly not to use non-essential water, such as watering driveways and gutters (use a broom instead) using washing machines and dishwashers topping up and filling swimming pools washing cars and watering gardens. residents of these suburbs care: Illawarra Mercury’s newsroom is funded by our readers.You can sign up to support our journalism here.